Stephen Heard's speech at BDC's Extraordinary Meeting

I wonder as I listen to the debate around the JCS whether this ruling group actually get it.  After all it must be difficult to comprehend large 200 page documents placed in front of you just before a meeting or as Judge Ouseley put it “wading through treacle”.

The Judge was very clear in declaring that what you did was UNLAWFUL and the work has to be redone.  You haven’t done this but merely window dressed and regurgitated the previous results without a full and transparent process whilst using the offices of POS Enterprises that has Mr Kirby listed as a Director.  Hardly transparent although I’m sure he expressed an interest as they are described as a “critical friend”!

This is treating the judgement with contempt and taking us for fools particularly as your own so-called independent inquiry has not yet been completed. 

We continue to receive legal advice on this contemptuous point with national backers who see the significance of this judgement as the case illustrates the potential future pitfalls as local planning authorities tackle their duty to co-operate as defined in the new Localism Act, and National Planning Policy Framework.

You are attempting, by rushing through with a consultation in the holiday month of August and refusing legitimate requests to extend the time period, to minimise the impact of the judgment. 

Lets face it; can Broadland's housing strategy be reconsidered without affecting the rest of the JCS? The answer surely must be no.  It is hard to see how proper consideration of the alternatives to growth can exclude the possibility of some or all of that growth being reallocated to where the jobs are.
Perhaps the reason for the rush is the abolishment of the East of England regional strategy opening the way for all Norfolk community groups to collaborate, with the help of CPRE, and successfully argue that a lower level of growth overall is more appropriate, potentially affecting the whole JCS area.

Or is it because you need these houses as income generators and not to satisfy housing need at all.  After all Broadland is facing bankruptcy if its financial reserves are not replenished.  Even now we could still see the dual prospect of huge council tax increases and large estates of empty and unsold new homes.  A future that none of us would like to see.   

Or are you rushing to get this through before county council elections next year fearing the backlash from the clear lack of democracy in the county and the loss of twin hatter seats?

Our campaign continues and we will take whatever actions, direct and indirect, to ensure that you understand that local people do not want or see a real need for this level of development.  There is plenty of evidence that confirm this view but for some reason you do not seem to get it. 

The smoke and mirrors that are being deployed including the Postwick Hub deliberations trying to divorce it from the NDR, the investment of over one million pounds in the small village of Rackheath in union with a leading national house builder and the secret agreement with Salhouse to restrict new house to no more than 70 do not fool anyone.  You decide whether these are bribes or incentives.

Please do not treat us as idiots or underestimate us.  Let’s see some reality and candour rather than arrogance and untruths.


  1. Leopards don't tend to change their spots ...

  2. Their arrogance is staggering but local people must still fight this injustice and at least vote them out at the earliest opportunity before they do more damage to this area of Norfolk.

  3. I shoot vermin on some of this land with a friend and considering that Tescos is right behind it, it is a beautiful area full of wildlife.

    A communistic approach to housing developement by forcing the sale of this land to slap poor quality houses onto (trust me within a year you have to have a tradesman in) is wrong on every level.

    There are industrial WASTELANDS in the heart of Manchester and Leeds that could be redeveloped without damage to the countryside and if people are that desperate for a house they will move there. To build on farmland that is growing in demand to feed this larger population is absurd.

  4. Thanks Mr Heard and Mr Lindsay for putting over the views of local people. Sadly yet again they were not listened to and we have to accept that Democracy is dead in Broadland. Pity the comments in the Public Gallery were not heard by the Councillors who are now so out of touch with the local residents. Why did we ever elect them ? Still we will not make the same mistake again.

  5. "Once upon a time, when i was young and very naive, I believed that elected representatives used the power of their votes to voice their personal views regarding major decisions which would affect the residents that they were supposedly elected to represent.
    Guess what? how stupid I was!...come along to a Broadland District Council meeting and observe how it's really done! the ruling group voting like 'sheep' against ANY sensible proposition that anybody else suggests...simply to 'toe the party line' terribly sad for the community but they have murdered one of the envies of countries like Syria,Iran,etc.....democracy! something they are merely paying 'lip-service' to ".
    These were the observations from two independant members of the public who had not attended a council meeting before last weeks extraordinary council meeting!.Seems we were right after all, 'put not your trust in Princes' R.S.Lindsay, Rackheath resident.

  6. Can someone explain how Broadland DC can accept a report from a Consultancy firm who lists the Broadland Chief Executive as a Director ? Surely he should have declared an interest or is this yet another piece of our Democracy that has been taken away from us. Not surprisingly they recommended Option One. When are we as Residents going to be consulted on all the Fourteen options as required by the Judge ?

  7. .....Or how the Chief Executive can say that the Planning Inspector has been consulted and he is happy that the CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) provisions can be introduced.
    Curious because the hearing has not yet taken place and the requirement for the introduction of CIL is that a legal Planning Strategy is in place....which it is not.

    1. Ah,ah, the Cheif Executive, the former planner who headed the small gang who conjured up this mad idea to flood our region with tens of thousands of unsustainable houses.
      And it appears that the C.E. of Broadland is also director of a company employed by Broadland Council and which is also heavily involved in this sordid affair.
      Conflict of interests for sure and maybe much more.
      Time will only tell as the truth will eventually come out and then those who have not acted lawfully will be held accountable.
      One thing is for sure, Broadland District Council is not being run for the benefit of the current rate paying residents, it is about a few individuals wielding power over the people.
      These few individuals couldn't care less how they destroy this beautiful and tranquil reqion as long as they can get their hands on more revenue to squander.