Msrtin Shaw, SNUB Patron
Local community campaign group Stop Norwich Urbanisation (SNUB) are delighted to announce that leading actor and Norfolk resident Martin Shaw has agreed to act as their Patron. It comes at a time when SNUB is stepping up the pressure on local councils to deliver a lawful housing strategy following the recent judgement by Justice Ousley who found that the current adopted housing strategy was unlawful.

Martin, one of England's most popular actors, and Norfolk resident for more than two decades, has been vocal in his protests about the way the county is being spoilt by too much development.  He expressed these views recently in the February edition of the Norfolk magazine where he said “I fail to understand how or why in a so-called democratic society, the residents should have to fight for their environment; how come the minority are able to over rule the majority.” He went on "This is all about profit for business and developers, not about people and communities."

Martin readily agreed to be the Patron of SNUB following contact from the campaign.

Stephen Heard, Chair of SNUB, said:

“We have been looking for a Patron for a while now and Martin’s sentiments expressed in the article rang a bell with us.  One of our members who had a common interest in flying approached Martin and he has agreed to be our Patron.  We are therefore delighted that someone of Martin’s stature agrees with our determination to see a lawful, sensible and dispersed housing strategy for the county that protects its uniqueness and continues to provide the tranquillity that we all seek in the countryside.  We look forward to working with Martin as we continue to campaign for a lawful conclusion to the housing needs of the people of Norfolk.”

Martin Shaw said on agreeing to become our Patron:

“I am simply furious and upset by your plight and that of all of us who wish to live in quiet and peace.  I will be your Patron and keep fighting.”


  1. This is excellent news and comes as a welcome boost to the campaign and will hopefully counter some of the PR spin that is coming from the GNDP and BDC.

  2. Charisma Counts15 March 2012 at 00:45

    I think Martin Shaw will prove to be an excellent choice as Patron for the Group. He shares a vision for Norfolk untainted by the petty politics so common hereabouts. Not only that he has shown an empathy for all we cherish and his commitment to justice is not in doubt.

  3. What wonderful news and sincere thanks to Martin Shaw for helping us as residents to start to get back our Democracy.

  4. What a farce it was at the Broadland Council meeting, the ruling Group had obviously made up their minds not to listen to the residents. Why were the Parish Councils not invited to speak ? No remorse and no apologies for producing an unlawful document. Surprising also no resignations. Good job they do not live in the real world.

  5. Why were the Parish Council Chairmen not invited to speak at the Broadland Council meeting last week ? Also what is this new unelected Quango called the Rackheath Community Trust - they do NOT have a mandate to speak for us, that is the duty of the elected Parish Council.

    1. A significant percentage of the Parish Council are now Directors of the Rackheath Community Trust. The question has to be asked if this represents some conflict of interests and also are they representing a change in the public view against this over-development?

  6. Broadland Council's leaders are resposible for wasting tens of thousands of pounds of public money and the Conservative councillors followed them like sheep.
    The leader seems to have no regrets and learnt nothing from the failure of the JCS and his followers look like following him without questioning his wisdom.
    It would be scandalous if the JCS is found unlawful for the second time.
    A fresh new team should be employed in re-working the JCS.

  7. anonymous west norfolk4 April 2012 at 10:04

    Good news - Judge John Deed swoops in to defend the environment, in his scarlet robes! But seriously, it makes such a difference to all of us "little people" to have the blessing of someone who has become well known through peristent hard work as well as talent. I am against the "celebrity culture", but this is something different, like having Robert Kett (a prosperous landowner who had worked his way out of poverty) standing up for neighbours who had not been able to do this.

    Let's hope the Judge doesn't encounter the 21st century equivalent of what happened to the Kett brothers! But really the real danger these days is being ignored, not being punished and sent to the Tower or whatever.