Typical Spin

Typical spin from one of the main architects of the Joint Core Strategy and one of the people who did not listen to what local residents and Parish Councils wanted.

In response to Mr Justice Ouseley’s ruling this morning, Greater Norwich Development Partnership chairman Andrew Proctor, chairman of the GNDP and leader of Broadland District Council, said: “The judge has given a ruling that we need to study in detail, but it is clear that he does not challenge the scale of growth required in the Greater Norwich area and considers that the preferred growth option was properly assessed.

“He does agree that way the Joint Core Strategy was arrived at “could not be stigmatised as unreasonable” and was subject to “frequent public consultation.

“However, he did conclude that the Strategic Environmental Assessment we carried out did not properly explain the alternatives to the North East Growth Triangle, which became our favoured option, or examine those alternatives in the same depth.

“The judge has made it clear he is still to be persuaded on what final action to take, and we are working hard to address the issue at a second hearing to be held shortly when we will be making further submissions.”

Well the Judge also said that this was a convoluted process with no cross-referencing and that the end results were unlawful. The GNDP had at their disposal all of the professional planning experts from four local authorities so why did they get it wrong?

These professionals will now be working hard to persuade the Judge not to quash the Joint Core strategy and to force them to start again. They are wasting millions in their foolhardy pursuit of housing that is not required and not wanted. Which part of NO do they not understand? We will now have to go back to court, at our expense, because they got it wrong. This cannot be right.

We shall be calling for the resignation of those Cabinet Officers and senior council officers who were duplicitous in pursuing this flawed and unlawful strategy and the closure of the unelected Quango called the Greater Norwich Development Partnership. This will save millions and recoup some of the money these elected representatives of local citizens have wasted in pursuit of their own personal agendas.


  1. Just listened to the leader of Broadland, Andrew Proctor on Radio Norfolk, when he expressed the view that this wold not lead to much change but acknowledged that they must talk to SNUB. I will not hold my breathe they have never wanted to listen before.
    He says there is no argument about numbers only process. However, they never considered the options for Broadland only the one which they had pre-selected. This invalidates the whole process and they knew it.
    The Councillors knew it and the Officers knew it; in spite of which they carried on forcing everything through by bullying and dubious manoeuvring, much of it in secret.
    If this is the way a public body now operates it is time we said STOP.

    1. I agree with "Heracles'. Andrew Proctor and his 'partners in crime' have demonstrated utter contempt for majority local opinion and the democratic process - which I suspect they privately laugh at. Even now, their statements in the wake of Mr Justice Ouseley's ruling seem to make it clear that they intend to continue to attempt to bulldoze their schemes through.

      I think the time has come for a more forensic examination of exactly who would profit should they succeed. Of one thing I am certain: neither Norfolk as a county, nor its people, would benefit. Let's follow the money trail and, if necessary, bring the transgressors to book.

  2. Good old BBC tv,not a mention on last nights 6.30pm news. I would have thought it at rated a mention.At least and at last,the EDP led with banner head lines in todays edition. Well done SNUB,keep up the good work.

  3. While will Proctor and his team not use the brownfield sites first before they destroy the valuable farmland. Don't they ever attend the meetings at the John Innes Institute and learn about the value of farmland to feed the Nation.
    Perhaps they are only interested in boosting the profits of their developer friends.

  4. What a headline in the EDP, almost word for word by Proctor. Surely the headline should have been VICTORY FOR LOCAL DEMOCRACY. Or have we to accept that our local democracy is dead.
    SNUB we thank you for giving us hope in the present Dictatorship by Broadland and the GNDP

  5. How Proctor has the 'bare-faced' cheek to try and 'spin' his and Kirby's way out of this mess is beyond comprehension.These 2 ( along with a couple of others) 'whipped' the other District Councilors into taking a huge risk ( with millions of pounds of OUR money) at various extraordinary 'Full' council mettings, planning meetings, cabinet meetings etc. and yes!, they got it wrong, VERY WRONG and if they had an ounce of gumption whatsoever, they would be handing in their resignations right now and also,the district councilors who backed them without question,should be hanging their heads in shame.Please DO NOT feel any remorse or sorrow for any persons which have manipulated figures, juggled consultations, failed to consult and altered peoples comment,and many more ( which WILL come to the highlight in due course) all in their own interests,do you feel sorry for Ex,Sir, Fred Goode? I don't think so!. We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to those members of the local community who have stuck their heads above the parapet and stuck to their original arguements for the protection of our villages through 'appropriate developements'( at great costs to themslves in values that can NEVER, EVER be replaced, Wife, children and grandchildren quality time, as well as monetary vales to the tune of many thousands) whilst those and others relax, happy in their leisure time, knowing that when they go back to work on Monday mornings they can continue to promote their 'unlawful' schemes with 'full' pay!. What local residents NEED now, is for local district councilors and parish councilors to respect the decision of the court, listen to their residents wishes and ACT upon it...wether you like it or not, your DUTY is to represent your local voices, not to do what your political party thinks, not to do what the District Council Planners or their representatives think..because guess what! THEY WERE WRONG ( and they are supposed to be professionals...highly PAID at that!).and if you have any doubts, you should also do the RIGHT THING! Rackheath Grandfather.

  6. I toatally agree with "Heracles" and the other comments.
    Andrew Proctor refused time after time to accept any opposition and used his position to bully his pet ideas through.
    He has one or two "Lap Dogs" who lick up to him and support him so they can hold positions which they would otherwise not be able to keep.
    The Tories simply back him on party lines.
    He has done immeasurable harm to the reputation of Broadland Council and it is no wonder that the public are rapidly loosing all respect for this Council.
    He and his croonies have no place in our democracy.