Wide ranging?.....

So Eric Pickles visited the region last week and was interviewed by Peter Waters the Editor of the EDP.  The results of this were published on Saturday 29th Oct and were headlined as a “wide ranging interview”.

They talked about the following:

  1. The proposed incinerator at Saddlebow
  2. Broadband
  3. Fare fairs for local public transport
  4. Weekly rubbish collections
  5. Back door unitary by local authorities sharing back office services
  6. Local Police commissioners

Nothing was mentioned about the NDR, the Postwick Hub or the Joint Core Strategy (JCS) that calls for 36,000 houses.  Yet this was meant to be a wide-ranging interview and misses the opportunity to discuss with a senior government Minister proposal that will, if they go ahead, the face of Norwich and the county forever.

When SNUB challenged Peter Waters about the lack of EDP coverage of these proposals and particularly the JCS he responded that the EDP was a county newspaper and concentrated on the issues that impacted the county.  The Evening News was a city based paper and was best placed to report on these issues.  Excuse me but are they not both owned by Archant?  Is this the problem?

By the way Mr Pickle had this, among other things, to say:

“He (the Prime Minister about the incinerator) can say exactly what he wants to say about it he is responsible in law for it.  I am as the Secretary of State”
“I am by nature a gabby person…”

“My dear chum.  I should not be a democratic politician if I did not have faith in democracy…”

Judge for yourself but I cannot recollect Ministers of State using words like “gabby” or “chum”!  And as for being a democrat and believing in democracy well that’s perhaps why he didn’t answer any questions about the incinerator.  Is that why Peter Waters did not ask him about the JCS?  Both of which have had local residents state in local polls that they are against these schemes.  Democratic decisions!


  1. What did you expect, DEMOCRACY is never mentioned these days.

  2. A large number of the public only buy the EDP or EEN just to find out what's happening about the NDR, JCS, Ecotown etc.
    Everyone can clearly see that Archant panders to those who want to make money out of these follies. If Archant fails to be even handed and fair with the general public then they will pay the price with a slump in sales and advertising.

  3. Now ther's an 'enigma'?...the government withold the money for the incinerator until it demonstrates enough local support but they through money at the Postwich hub, the Northern Developers road and the JCS after thousands of local people oppose it?..talking about the Postwich Hub and the County's figures that we need a bigger junction as it is running at 'full capacity'?...is it me, but they are diverting ALL Sprowston Park and ride buses via Postwick for some strange reason...is this to to bring the Hub levels 'up to capacity' or am I just synical ?..Old rackheath resident.

  4. Not sure if a link can be posted but EEN have quickly buried an article on their web page of "Tell us about Greater Norwich development plans near you" which they are running next week! I can only think that it has been written already.


  5. To be fair to the EDP, Mr Pickles was hardly forthcoming about any subject, so maybe it seemed obvious that asking any more questions would be a waste of time!

  6. Was it wise for the editor of the EDP to conduct this interview? Who moderates the editor?