SNUB Blog Achieves its 50,000th View!

18 months ago in April 2010, the SNUB blog was created, aimed at informing the local residents of Norwich with the current events that will directly effect them. Since then, the blog has become increasingly popular, achieving more and more unique views by more and more unique visitors. 18 months later, in October 2011, the very same blog achieved its 50,000th view. This is not only an outstanding feat to have achieved such a significant figure in only a matter of months, but also a testament to the quality and content of the messages that SNUB regularly delivers through its blog. It also clearly shows how the local residents of Norwich are interested in these developments, shown with the regular, daily users of the blog.

Image courtesy of Google Analytics, showing our visitor statistics since April 2010.

Average Usage Statistics

  • Since April 2010, an average of 93 views have been recorded each and every day.
  • One in every four visitors is a new visitor, meaning they have never visited the SNUB blog before.
  • Three out of every four visitors is a returning visitor, meaning they have previously visited the SNUB blog before on a previous day.
  • The average time taken by a visitor on each individual page is 3 minutes and 3 seconds.
  • The most popular article on the SNUB blog is the 'Judge the Facts' post, available at:, achieving in excess of 500 individual views.
  • The blog has also been read by visitors using a variety of different networks, including ones listed in the names of: Norfolk County Council, Cherwell District Council, East Hampshire District Council, Cornwall County Council, Fareham Borough Council, University of East Anglia, Oxford University, University of Cambridge, Thames Valley University, University of Hertfordshire, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Norwich City College, CPRE, the British Library and the British Broadcasting Corporation.
Image courtesy of Google Analytics, showing the Service Provider names of our most popular visitors.

Overall, this is a huge success to have reached and been read by so many people, in so many locations, in such a short period of time. In addition to this, we should shortly be able to also report on another landmark number of views on the official SNUB website, viewable at This would mean that using a total of both websites, the total number of views would easily cross into the hundreds of thousands mark. For this, we thank the efforts of the SNUB volunteers, as well as the large numbers of local residents who study and support SNUB's work each and every day.

Technical Statistics and Information
All of these statistics have been taken directly from our Google Analytics data page, which has been tracking all views and usage patterns since the blog's creation back in April 2010. It is worth mentioning that Google Analytics does not track the activity of any user who has opted out of these anonymous tracking websites, meaning the actual results could be significantly higher. It does also not include the page views and usage statistics of any registered SNUB blog editor, nor any repeated or duplicated views by any visitor during each day. This means that any page refreshes or new windows that are opened do not count towards the overall count each day. The total count is only logged by individual visitors, linked from a combination of their unique IP address and browser cookies. For more information, it is worth visiting the official Google Analytics page at:


  1. Well done snub.

  2. What a milestone!
    I can just imagine the commitment and enterprise which has been needed to keep pace with the 'developments'
    Congratulations to all your contributors and supporters.

  3. Well done SNUB and thank you all so much for trying to get the views of the local residents heard. What a tragedy that the Politicians we elected to SERVE US do not listen to us and only seem interested in backing their Developer friends. Why don't they build houses where the jobs are ?