Yet another Public Meeting..

SNUB will be hosting a Public Meeting on Thursday 29th September at 7pm, Holy Trinity Church and Community Centre, Salhouse Road, Rachheath.

We have some interesting and knowledgeable speakers including Richard Buxton (Environmental Lawyer) Richard Burton, (Independent Environmental Consultant), Andrew Boswell (NNTAG, Green Party, County Councillor) and Steve Buckle (Broadland District Councillor for Wroxham) as well as SNUB Chairman, Stephen Heard and Richard Williams (SNUB).

We will be encouraging people to sign the National Trust and 38 degrees Save our Countryside petitions as well as asking them to email the Department for Communities and Local Government via the CPRE website.We would also encourage local people to write to Norman Baker at the Department for Transport re the inadequate consultation on the Norwich Northern Distributor Road (see letter).

Eric Pickles, Grant Shapps and Greg Clark as well as local MP, Keith Simpson should also receive emails outlining local residents anger over their opposition to the JCS being totally ignored .

Whilst our volunteers were out delivering flyers and postcards they received a lot of encouragement and support from local communities and in a similar vein we also received this email:

"Unfortunately my wife and I cannot make the meeting but please, if the opportunity arises ,we would like to  lodge, again, our most strongest objection to the JCS, and in particular to the NDR.
If there is any further way we can lend our support please let us know,"

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  1. There are so many people in local villagers who agree with what you are doing that I can't understand why BDC is ignoring us. Good luck..