Words of Wisdom 2

An increasing number of ticketing problems on the Bittern Line are causing delays, anxieties and possible extra costs for passengers and are losing National Express “large amounts of revenue” according to Norfolk County Councillor Paul Morse (EDP News).

There have been a growing number of occasions when the on board conductor fails to get round all the passengers needing to but tickets before the train arrives in Norwich.

Lets remember that this is the same line that is meant to take all of the extra passengers from the proposed Eco town from Salhouse station into Norwich which will give the conductor a whole 10 mins to get around all of the passengers from Salhouse and from the proposed new station at Rackheath!

Well at least a free journey will encourage the residents to use the train, that’s if they can get on as one of the reasons the conductor cannot get around to issue tickets is because the train is full up.  Extra carriages would be ideal but then again they wouldn’t fit on the platforms at some of the stations on the Bittern Line.  Don’t you just love joined up thinking!

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