Community Infrastructure Levy

In the Joint Core Strategy, Council's warned us that they would adopt new and innovative ways to acquire funding for their excessive and unwanted developments.

Well here you are.... The Community Infrastructure Levy....
announced by South Norfolk District Council through the Eastern Daily Press today.

£100,000,000 in the next 20 years or £5,000,000 a year, straight into the coffers of your District Council.

Where will it come from? The developers will be charged at a rate per square metre on all new houses. A new house tax if you like. So the cost of new houses will rise and it will probably increase the price of all other houses as well.

How will they spend it? It seems it is entirely up to them. It need not be associated with individual developments. The Council proclaimed...Start drawing up your infrastructure shopping lists..... but what they mean is that it will be used for their pet ideas.

We have houses which already cost too much and the Government's answer is to increase it some more.


  1. What happens to Section 106 agreements? It was my understanding that the money raised by negotiation with developers was meant to be used to enhance the site itself.

    I suppose they will disappear.

    So who is going to decide where all this money is going to be spent. Who is accountable for it?

  2. Clever old councils! Making out they are doing everything for the local community ... more like everything to fill their own coffers!

  3. More than you realise Anon 2011

    Here is the rub. Only private buyers pay it. Social house owners ie the Housing Associations and Councils do not.

    Imagine you go to buy a house on an estate where every third house is owned by a HA and neighbours are social tenants. Not only is their rent subsidised, but they have no responsibility for maintenance and they probably receive benefits.

    Meanwhile you pay a premium and then struggle with all the bills. How chuffed are you?

  4. Now riddle me ree...or riddle me rye....was it Proctor or Kirby that announced in front of 250 plus local Rackheath residents at Holy trinity church meeting that they called a couple of years ago; when asked the question, the answer was , THE DEVELOPERS WOULD SUBSIDISE THE DIFFERENCE IN THE COST OF BUILDING A HIGH STANDARD ECO-SOCIAL HOUSE AND THE ACTUAL MARKET VALUE.....HAVE THEY NOW NOT STATED THAT BROADLAND WILL BUY THE LAND FROM THEIR GERMAN PARTNER, RE-IMBURSE BARRATS FOR ANY OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES INCURRED IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE EXEMPLAR ETC....BHMMMM, SEEMS THEY TOO HAVE SHORT MEMORIES, ( TRY BACK-PEDALLING OUT OF THAT ONE CHAPS)....old Rackheath resident.

  5. Corruption in Local Government is not a pretty sight

  6. Yet another STEALTH TAX without the protection of the old Section 106. Young people are going to have to pay this new tax as you can be sure the greedy Developers will pass this levy on to their buyers. Do our Politicians live in a different world, this is just not the time for yet another TAX......