It was good to see that local residents at Rackheath Summer Fete on Sunday (10th July
2011) flocked to the SNUB stand to pass on their thanks for all of the hard work that
SNUB are doing on their behalf. We saw over 100 people who all had good things
to say about our campaign and thanked us for our efforts and wished us luck in the
forthcoming legal challenge. They were also generous in their donations to our legal
fighting fund as we collected a three figure sum to help us offset any financial losses
from the challenge.

No one came up to say that they agreed with the plans for the North East Growth
triangle and we took great encouragement from their kind comments. It was
important, as we had not held a public meeting this year, that we received this
reassurance as it legitimises our campaigning and in particular our slogan that SNUB
represents the “voice of the community”. Clearly we still do!

These were some of the comments:

“I admire your courage in standing up to Broadland council”
“I see that even the Bishop is agreeing with you now”
“Why have they spent all that money on the 12 houses in Green Lane?”
“Is the NDR still going ahead?”
“ I thought that they had no money to build all of these houses”
“It is strange that they are using our money that we paid in rates to pay for
legal people to fight us for something none of us want!”
“How can they be cutting front line services and still afford to erect a
marquee here today?”

It will be interesting to see if Broadland District Council, who once again paid for a
huge marquee at ratepayers’ expense, had the same response. I doubt if 100 people
said they wanted all of the planned developments. We were also disappointed that
none of the small number of recent negative “bloggers” had the courage to come and
debate the issues face to face rather then hide behind the cloak of anonymity.

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  1. Old Rackheath Resident15 July 2011 at 17:00

    Can I thank the Parish Council for yet another great Summer Fete and glad to make my Donation to SNUB for their efforts to save our Village. Also can I thank the Youth Council for the splendid Heritage Afternoon on the Saturday which many of us really enjoyed. These youngsters really deserve a large vote of thanks. My only surprise was on the Brochure as I have never known Perry Watts or David Hastings to make mistakes before. How could we ever say that our dear Colonel Shower was a Lieutenant Colonel.