SNUB BLOG CENSORSHIP (or rather lack of it!)

SNUB does not censor comments on this blog but from time to time, as we have explained before, comments go straight into a 'spam box' for reason unclear to us. We have not set any parameters to cause this to occur, however, Blogger (the blog provider we use) does try to eliminate spam by setting filters which obviously can result in non-spam comments going into the spam box from time to time. All blogs attract 'spammers' and other bloggers have discovered the same problem we have: "On our blog, the new (Blogger) spam filter often classifies comments as spam when they are not. That's annoying but no spam classifier is perfect."

We try to republish comments when we notice them but currently the 'spam box' is rather full and it is hard to identify the non-spam comments from the rubbish sent by spammers,


  1. Rackheath Resident18 May 2011 at 12:42

    That is a rather good excuse if i have ever heard a good excuse to edit Residents posts.
    So you are sying you have no control over the blog ?
    What ever is going on here ?
    Residents are posting replies, they are being edited / deleted, Snub is saying, its not our fault etc etc.
    Theres some really good debates going on at the moment, its a real shame they are being censered, either by Snub or the dark depths of t internet.

  2. The SNUB blog seems to have been taken over by antis just lately. I think SNUB ought to take some control of the situation. Just a handful of determined antis seem to be given carte blanche to slag SNUB's campaigns off as much as they like, and this could easily create an impression, in impressionable minds, that hardly anyone supports SNUB, but that many are against it.

    It would be a great shame if the most eloquent supporter over the past couple of weeks turned out to be a neo-fascist.

    Where are all the genuine supporters? Or is it a case of them not being bothered to waste time replying to the rubbish that passes for comment on here recently?

    To any bemused new blog readers, ask yourselves this: how many people do you think actually want to see every field between Norwich and Salhouse turned into a giant housing estate? Answer: about half a dozen, all of whom are one way or another linked to the developers or BDC.

  3. A fortnight ago the Chairman of SNUB invited everyone to 'Join the Debate' and it looks as if people have taken up the invitation and done so. If to debate is seen to be 'anti' then there is something radically wrong with the Campaign; there are always at least 2 sides to every argument. If you do not want to hear the other side of the argument then do not issue the invite. To 'take control of the situation' is to introduce censorship.

  4. I think SNUB are learning that not everyone shares their rather tiny world view. They didn't put up any candidates at the local elections (because if they did their whole "we speak for the majority" line would be exposed as a fraud), and grasp at one single local Tory losing their seat as evidence of huge support, whereas in the District as a whole (and even in parished neighbouring Rackheath) the "usual suspects" (as I'm sure SNUB would describe them) got back in, with no change to the overall political picture at BDC.
    Perhaps it's time to accept that the Eco Town and the rest will go ahead, and to constructively engage in discussion as to how it might best be achieved in everyone's interests, rather than this pathetic charade?

  5. Andy Radcliff (Rackheath)19 May 2011 at 07:39

    Well i must say that Snub certainly tried to swing the vote, as this is the email i had recieved from them a couple of weeks ago...

    Dear everyone,
    You will see in the local papers, that we are challenging the Joint Core Strategy which encompasses proposed huge developments in the North East Triangle including the NDR and Ecotown, so the fight is far from over as Broadland would have everyone believe.
    Tomorrows local elections are vitally important as well as it is the opportunity for all of us to change the status quo of Conservatives versus Lib/Dems at BDC. The Conservatives are the ones who are forcing this upon us whilst the Lib/Dems have always represented us and opposed the JCS, NDR and Ecotown.
    If we can remove a conservative and vote in a Liberal in place then things will surely change at Broadland.
    Ben McGilvray (Lib/Dem) has supported all along in opposing the developments and his running mate Steve Buckley has promised to do the same.
    Please remember to vote tomorrow.
    A vote for Ben and Steve will help our fight to save our villages and our countryside.
    Kindest regards,

  6. Not political then........

  7. One way of censorship is to fail to republish genuine posts that have found their way into the spammer and which contain an 'inconvenient' message?