Similar situations require similar actions

Perhaps this post (printed below) on someone else's Blog might be of interest to our readers and help some people understand why we feel we should put forward a legal challenge to the Joint Core Strategy and that our action has precedent.

Flawed Plans For Newmarket Sunk By High Court

In a decision that is very relevant to the current situation in South Somerset and East Coker, where the local District Council appears determined to present strategic plans that are flawed and non-compliant with European environmental legislation, the High Court has quashed the housing strategy of Newmarket's Forest Heath Council, even after a Planning Inspector had approved it.

The ruling shows that Planning Inspectorate decisions are not always correct. It also shows they can certainly be challenged.

Further, it shows that local authorities that do not ensure legally correct process is followed will open themselves to legal challenge and payment of challengers' costs. Challengers in similar circumstances should find it relatively easy to obtain insurance for costs when taking action.


  1. Broadland District Council has totally ignored the local people and at Public meetings Simon Woodbridge made promises that he did not keep, maybe he never intended to.
    Various consultations were flawed and laid out so as to mislead respodents to give the wrong reply. Consultations misled the public into believing that their views were wanted and would be acted upon when in fact they were totally ignored.
    There were also cases of replies to consultations being "summarised" (altered in other words)
    In short there is a very strong case against Broadland and the GNDP and we must not let them get away with "steamrolling" over the local people.

  2. Rackheath Resident11 May 2011 at 10:31

    Who challenged and took Newmarket Council to Court ?

  3. someone with very deep pockets

  4. Save our Historic Newmarket Ltd were the community group that successfully challenged Forest Heath District Council.


  6. If any of Broadlands unsustainable development plans go ahead then then the value of every property in this area will drop by thousands.
    I personally am prepared to give a small amount of money to fight the JCS and stop this from happening and I have already given a donation. I hope others will also see the merit in doing this as well. Spending a small amount in order to protect our biggest investment is just like an insurance premium.