Results for Wroxham Ward in case you have missed them


      Votes cast  Elected 
 Ball  Nicholas  Green  197  
 Buckle Steve Liberal Democrat  829 X Gain
 Fursse  Ken  Labour  227  
 Green  Chris  Conservative  741 Loss
 McGilvray Ben Liberal Democrat  985 X Hold
 Slater Greg Conservative  537


  1. "We are apolitical and do not represent any political party".
    Taken from the SNUB constitution.
    Has that just changed?

  2. Why would you ask this? The post is simply reporting the facts. It is also very relevant that the conservative candidate lost his seat because it indicates that people in the area did not want the development that the tories have been so enthusiastic about. It is also a fact that the Lib-Dems have opposed the development plans, so it seems quite safe to draw the conclusion that the election result for this ward provides clear evidence to back up SNUB's assertion that the plans are unpopular.

  3. Rackheath Rebel7 May 2011 at 19:26

    You beat me to it Mr Kett! And my response is the same - the post is just reporting the results. The politics of the candidates is irrelevant but their actions are not!

    It seems clear that the candidates in this ward who were opposing the proposed development were returned whereas the candidate who supported them lost his seat.

    Power to the people!

  4. I am sorry Bob Kett and Rackheath Rebel, although I am a SNUB supporter, I beg to differ. One of our Core Group sponsored one of the Lib Dem Candidates. Members of SNUB were recognised delivering Lib Dem leaflets and one that I know has been thanked by Ben McGilvray for helping him get elected back in. SNUB even encouraged us in their e-mails to vote Lib Dem.
    It is no use trying to hide the facts, it would be easier to change the Constition. But, if we try to hide behind the facts than we will be found out and I think that it would be very damaging for us. Honesty is always the best policy. Anyhow, unfortunately Mr Simpson assured us before the last election he wold help and we have heard nothing. Could it be that we are being taken down the same road by our Lib Dem friends? After all, with only 12 of them, as before, at Broadland they are hardly in a strong position are they? Would it not have been better to have a couple of SNUB district councillors (like the W Norfolk independents), at least you can trust them to do the right thing!

  5. Yes, good for Ben and Steve but is the addition of Steve and Daniel, in Spixworth (who said the vote was about traffic implications for Spixworth), really going to be enough to make a difference? Let's face it, Broadland is the same as before in numbers. 34 Conservatives to 12 Lib Dem, except there is a new Labour Councillor and I bet he will be in favour of housing. Is this addition really going to turn everything on its head?

    Worse than that we have lost 3 very experienced Lib Dem Councillors, 2 at least who voted against the JCS at the meeting – the other was absent- and now have some 'rookies in their place. Looking at the figures I don't think we are actually much further forward and perhaps we should be a bit more cautious in our crowing? Even the Conservatives in Wroxham ward still got over 1200 votes. This is hardly a 'very strong message' to anyone is it?

    The makeup of Broadland has hardly changed at all.

    I agree with Anonymous. Why on earth did we not use our support and put candidates forward in the important affected wards? To rely on Lib Dems to sweep the board in today's political climate was not exactly a brilliant idea.

  6. If SNUB had stood at the election they would have split the Lib Den vote and let the sitting candidate sneak back in.

  7. "Not exactly a brilliant idea". Ho ho ho. That sums up SNUB in a nutshell. Development's going to happen, people, not matter how may straws you cling to. Lots of aprons being laundered down at the Lodge, and all eyes at BDC on the one part of Broadland that has gone all out (well, almost) against the ruling party... Don't expect Ben the Boy Wonder to have any influence, he's still doing his exams.