The Vice-Chairperson of Rackheath Parish Council has pointed out that the BDC officer who will be attending their council meetings has NOT been co-opted onto the parish council. Wires were obviously 'crossed' and we apologize for mis-reporting the situation but we are also pleased to note that this is not to be the case. However, it still seems rather odd that the normal lines of communication ie District Councillors reporting back to the Parish Council is now felt to be inadequate in this case and does appear to reinforce the view that Broadland District Council has become an officer led authority. Surely the District Councillors should be fully aware of any officer led activities in the area.

However, comments made on this Blog about posts are allowed to stand to encourage debate and to give others the opportunity to put forward their views. In the interest of freedom of speech we will only remove offensive comments and all other comments remain even though some might not be in accord with the views of SNUB members.


  1. It seems odd to me too but I am glad to see that the Parish Council has clarified its situation.
    Meanwhile how will the District Councillors feel when they go to Parish Council Meetings after the election?

  2. Perhaps the Vice Chairman would also like to explain why they did not discuss the Joint Core Strategy at their public meeting and instead apparently deferred it to hold it at a later date in private. The public in Rackheath do have a right to know what is being said in their name.

  3. Seems all wrong that we now have a paid full time employee of Broadland District Council attending Rackheath meetings. Surely this is the job of our elected Councillors. Does she attend SAlhouse, Plumstead, Woodbastwick and Wroxham. What is her role exactly and is she on Overtime ? Also why was the JCS not discussed by the PC in public.

  4. I sincerely hope that Rackheath Parish Council is not conducting meetings on the JCS and Ecotown behind closed doors. Rackheath people need see what is going on and must know what is being discussed, otherwise the P.C. are guilty of doing just what Broadland and the GNDP have always done.
    The parish council should not tolerate an officer from BDC interfering and reporting back to her masters.
    It does seem obvious that BDC wants to influence parish councils and it should stop.
    We need honest and sincere district councillors like Ben McGilvray to report back to BDC.

  5. The BDC officer who has attended some Rackheath Parish Council meetings lives in North Norfolk so has not got the interests of Rackheath or local people in mind.
    Maintaining a well paid job to please her masters at BDC will be the real motivation whilst adopting a NIMBY attitude.

  6. Another Resident7 May 2011 at 19:13

    RESIDENT on the blog page ' Rackheath appoint Broadland DC Officer as Ex-Officio Member of the PC' says ' Just why do we need to pay Susan Flack to attend the Rackheath PC meetings, surely this is the job of our elected District Councillors. This sounds like spying to me'.

    Oh come on RESIDENT! Spying?? Parish Council meetings are OPEN MEETINGS.

    We try to attend all the Parish Meetings in the NE Triangle. Are you now saying that we are 'spying'? Have YOU ever attended one – in which case are you 'spying'? Incidentally it is the 'job' of all of us to take an interest in our Parish Council meetings, particularly at the moment.

    Please can we get into a decent debate instead of this type of slanging match which does not show us up in a good light or do us any good?

    This applies to all the blog posts. At the moment some of them are not reading at all well and do not help the cause. We need to up our game and stop this sort of nonsense.

  7. We do not hold meetings behind closed doors as reported. We can only meet for so long each month, it is standard practice for parish councils to have sub committees that look into things more deeply. Then their findings are discussed at parish council meeings and a vote taken.
    The vote and comments are ALWAYS discussed in open meeting
    Paula Chairwomand of Rackheath parish Council
    Who does not want to be anonymous