The numbers game

For the benefit of our readers who might have missed some of the comments left by other visitors to this site we are publishing the following post by Scrivener:

"The Joint Core Strategy requires the building of 37,000 houses in the GNDP Planning Area. The Councils claim is that this number of houses is necessary in order to meet their plans for affordable housing.

The final report by the Planning Inspectors noted that their plan to build 40% of this housing as affordable dwellings, is not actually viable. They believe 33% is more likely, even though the figures produced and the views of developers would put that at the top of the range. Since the final outcome will be a percentage negotiated between the Council and the developers we are safe to presume that this will end up being lower.

Just do a sum:

If the number of affordable houses required only 33% of the number, instead of 40% you need to build more houses or change the number of affordable houses. This new housing requirement is 44,400. That is an increase of 8,000 dwellings over the figures they admit.

Take an average number of residents per household in 2.25 then it represents 99,000 people

What the GNDP have been telling the public over the past eighteen months has been shown to be without foundation. They have continued to maintain an unhealthy secrecy over their activities. It was only the focus of the EiP which brought some of this to light."


  1. I recollect Simon Woodbridge, the leader of Broadland District Council and sometime Chairman of the GNDP insisting that 16,000 was the number in housing need.
    That being so the total number of houses must be 48,000. (108,000 additional people)

  2. Thanks SNUB for giving us the figures. This must surely act as a WAKE-UP call for everyone in the NE Triangle. We need to take action NOW before these wretched Councillors and their Developer friends destroy us all. Can SNUB give us a guide as to that we should do please ?

  3. We said all along that Broadland and the GNDP were hiding things, no wonder they meet in secret. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Democracy has died. What with the Ecotown and now the Incinerator no one listens to the residents anymore. What about Murphy saying he can sleep at night because he has agreed to another costly PFI. I see his wife is another "Twin Hatter", they are certainly enjoying our money.

  5. Rackheath Resident9 March 2011 at 17:55

    Has anyone heard from our MP Keith Simpson, I thought he was supposed to represent us. He had the Petition last year, what has he done ?

  6. Thorpe End Resident9 March 2011 at 20:53

    Direct action is now called for. We need to show ourselves at the Broadland District Council meeting on 22nd March at Thorpe Lodge and protest loudly as they meet to vote to adopt the Joint Core Strategy. A large crowd is called for. Anyone in?

  7. at last the penny drops - and who was it who was arguing against the 40% affordable housing targets - a rather strange alliance of CPRE SNUB the BNP and the developers. If you are looking to point the blame for more houses now needed to be built, well how about this lot for starters.

    Rackheath resident

  8. That penny sounds much like a clanger. The figures which showed that 40% was not a viable figure was presented by the GNDP's own consultants. When the Inspectors drew attention to the flaw in the argument about viability; which incidentally had already been identified in another Joint Core Strategy, the figures were recast and this work showed that the JCS was flawed. That is why they were changed .

    But hey, anonymous I can see that you are not much concerned with evidence. Inuendo will do for you.

  9. Broadland Resident11 March 2011 at 10:53

    With all these 100,000 new residents going to arrive in Rackheath can anyone please tell me where are the jobs for them, or will it mean the taxpayer after having given the Developers their huge profit that we will also be paying unemplyment and housing benefit as well.

  10. Just to put the record straight, the houses are to be built in the Greater Norwich Planning area and not just Rackheath.

    You are right about the jobs though. Just look at the latest about the Wind Farm Construction Plants. Everyone told us that this was where we would have the edge but the factories are going to Hull and Newcastle. I wonder if that was part of the 27000 jobs.


    • Norfolk’s total population change over the 25 years to 2033 would be made up of
    approximately 221,700 gain from net in-migration and around 2,800 loss from
    natural change (more deaths than births)

  12. There is a real strange case of cognisance dissonance going on in the political left in Britain. How can they be Green on the one hand, and be fighting for a better quality of life, when they think developing huge souless housing estates is the answer?
    When is enough, enough? When only the rich have access to greenery?

    In the 90's the Left and Green movement stood up to the destruction of the countryside, anyone remember Swampy?

    Now they seem to be shills for the housing companies....