Is there anyone out there?

Banner headlines in the Eastern Daily Press but did anyone else notice?

There seems to have been little or no national interest in the news that 37,00 new homes are planned for Norfolk - indeed the EDP's super banner was actually for their  series of articles on the Great Yarmouth's outer harbour debacle. Is this just another instance of Norfolk people sticking their heads in the sand and saying "it won't happen"? This is how we got into such as mess and the reason why we were such an easy target.

A town the size of Thetford with homes and businesses is proposed for N E Norwich and no-one murmers! Norwich is set to grow with its urban sprawl making it about the same size as Nottingham. The New Economics Foundation complains about homogenized high streets - it is not just high streets it is whole towns and cities together with their suburbs that are losing their individuality and character. People living in rural communities will wake up in years to come to find they have become town dwellers - part of Norwich - well, how did that happen?!!

Surely no-one wants this happen to Norwich and the surrounding countryside....or do they?


  1. Rackheath Rebel1 March 2011 at 10:43

    It didn't even make a mention in the news section on South Norfolk Council's website - but they won't get the brunt of the housing - BDC took all that!

  2. It may not be the people but the media.
    That banner headline was produced on a Friday when there was an embargo and so no other views were included.
    The Saturday headlines were bizarrely an advert for purchasing EDP wedding special editions.
    You might be forgiven for thinking the paper did not want to give too much prominence to this news. This was reinforced on Monday when the only comment was on Page 22 and no letters were printed on the subject.
    This is a major and controversial issue but Archant do not want to publicise it.

  3. Quite unbelievable but this shows yet again how we have lost our democracy. South Norfolk are delighted because it supports their "Dispersal" plan. Even Breckland state that they are supporting their residents. As for Broadland they only support their Developer friends. Perhaps we can get them out in May. By the way where is our MP ?

  4. Look at the map in the EDP to see just how stupid this JCS is. The jobs are coming in the SW of Norwich, yet the JCS plans to build 10,000 homes in the NE. Great to increase the use of cars and the carbon footprint. When will they ever learn.

  5. We all need to WAKE UP before Broadland and their Developer cronies destroy our beautifil part of Norfolk. Our children will never forgive us if we allow this vandalism.