Where there's a will, there's a way....

At the same Place Shaping Committee meeting we have mentioned earlier there was apparently a presentation about the Salhouse Road Rapid Bus Transit corridor planned initially between Rackheath and Blue Boar Lane. There is already POD money available for this scheme which will widen the existing Salhouse Road by roughly double to provide 'rapid transit' routes for buses, cars, bicycles and pedestrians. What quite happens to all this traffic when it hits Woodside Road/Blue Boar Lane was never fully explained it seems and apparently was a cause of concern to some councillors.

Are Broadland District Council not aware that there are currently two bus companies running services into Norwich via Thorpe End, Dussindale and then Norwich Station twice an hour already. The journey is quick and efficient if a little over-priced. So why do we need another route which entails massive road building and apparently some street lighting "until the whole route was fully developed"? Note, what they said , fully developed between Rackheath and Heartsease.

It has already been said here that BDC plan a town the size of Thetford to the N E of Norwich. Bet most of the local residents are blissfully unaware! Bob Kett is right - where is the political opposition to this? Everyone seems to have deserted the local community and jumped on their various political bandwagons heading for what? Personal glory? Thanks from the developers and political leaders? Who knows - but they  know that opposition is huge and growing..... SNUB is not a small group of trouble makers - we have several hundred signed up members and thousands signed the petition papers left in local shops and taken round door-to-door over the past year or so.


  1. Typical of Broadland DC, they never do their homework. This is all spin as usual When are they ever going to listen or learn.

  2. Rackheath Resident9 February 2011 at 11:02

    Just how stupid can they get in their efforts to help the Developers. Where does all this new traffic go when it reaches the Blue Boar or Mousehold. Have they never looked at the traffic flows. Perhaps we need to send Susan Flack on another World Tour at our expense !

  3. too much 'apparantly' for my liking - obviously not first hand reporting so only someone's interpretation of what they have been told by other - hardly reporting the facts!
    Yet again an attempt to mislead.

    A resident of Thorpe End

  4. Another anonymous11 February 2011 at 19:55

    When meetings are held behind closed doors then you are forced to rely on accurate second hand opinions. Hopefully these are accurate interpretations of the proceedings,but if anonymous (Feb 11th) could manage to get him or herself invited to attend the meetings then he/she would really get to know what is going on.

  5. The Place Shaping Committee Meeting is a public meeting and members of the public can attend without invitation. The meetings are publicised on Broadland Council’s website at least 5 working days before the meeting takes place. At the 2nd Feb Place Shaping Committee Meeting two members of the public and a journalist attended. They witnessed committee members receive a presentation from an officer from Norfolk County Council on research for a Bus Rapid Transport route along Salhouse Road together with pedestrian and cycling routes. This research supports NATS the Norwich Area Transport Strategy.

  6. When is the Place Shaping Committee going to growe up and enter the real world. I have never heard so much rubbish.