The silence of our elected representatives is deafening

Where are our local MP’s when you need them?  Their silence is deafening!  We gave our petition to Keith Simpson in November and asked him to pass it on to the relevant government ministers.  We also gave him three Parliamentary Questions to ask; since then nothing.  We met Chloe Smith at a training event facilitated by SMcK Foundation where she spoke on how to run a successful campaign and the approach campaigners should take when lobbying MP’s.  She promised to be in touch; since then nothing.  Simon Wright was briefed on the campaign and shown the paperwork (petition and questions) and said he would stay in touch; since then nothing.

What about the others?  Are they taking the view that the plans to turn Norwich into a settlement the size of Nottingham or Bristol will have no impact on their electorate?  If they do then they are burying their head in the sand.  Are they not concerned about the amount of money that the County Council are spending on supporting things like the NDR (as mentioned in yesterday's Blog post), GNDP and other pointless projects whilst cutting front line services.  Come on guys get real.

Strange that these MP’s were very vocal when they want to be or need votes as they did this time last year.  We should give them all a nudge to see where they stand before our Officer led local councils make irreversible decisions.  You can find their contact details here:

·                                 Brandon Lewis MP for Great Yarmouth
·                                 Chloe Smith MP for Norwich North
·                                 Elizabeth Truss MP for South West Norfolk
·                                 George Freeman MP for Mid Norfolk
·                                 Henry Bellingham MP for North West Norfolk
·                                 Keith Simpson MP for Broadland
·                                 Norman Lamb MP for North Norfolk
·                                 Richard Bacon MP fro South Norfolk
·                                 Simon Wright MP for Norwich South


  1. Rackheath Villager1 February 2011 at 10:26

    Never mind our MPs - just what are our District Councillors up to? They seem to be resolutely ignoring the views of the local community. It's about time they stood up for us - the people who elected them - and voted against BDC's proposals.

  2. All politicians are the same, they promise you the earth to get your vote but once elected and enjoying their pay and expenses they will forget you. As for Broadland, this is an Officer led authority and the Councillors do what they are told.

  3. Our councillors are wet and limp. They do as they are told by their party. Pathetic and very sad. Puppets......

  4. I looked at the letter that Keith Simpson sent to us last year when was standing for re-election. Has anyone got a copy? On the eco town....
    "Overwhelmingly local opinion is opposed to the proposal as outlined because of the sheer scale of the development and concerns that itwill not meet the full criteria of an eco town"
    "I have made it clear that I do not support the development AND an incoming Conservative Gpvernment will not support these Labour proposalsfor an ecotown