No consultation necessary

It is notable that Broadland District Council's Forward Plan for Jan - Apr 2011 lists 26 items (four of which are related to the proposals at Rackheath) but not one has an entry under the heading 'consultation'. It does beg the question why even bother to have consultation as a heading if none is to be undertaken or deemed necessary.

The four items covering Rackheath are:

Joint Core Strategy (decision to be made by Cabinet on 11 Jan or 8 Feb - Council 25 Jan or 17 Feb)
Rackheath Programme of  Development updates and schemes
Rackheath Joint Venture Agreement
Rackheath Exemplar Brief (decision to be made by Cabinet on 8 Feb)


  1. Not sure how to respond to this thread.
    Should I mark it dislike because it shows the Council up for the way it behaves OR should I mark it like because I am glad that the editor has highlighted it.

  2. Prompted by this article to look at 11 Jan cabinet papers. Agenda item on Greater Norwich Local Investment Plan. Can see no report for this.

    If I have read the cabinet agenda correctly the press and public are excluded from this item.
    Paul Woolnough CPRE