Consultation or merely 'window-dressing'?

Lovely comment on EDP’s website today re the Big Conversation debacle:

“I think that, by now, most people are well able to spot a fake "consultation" when they see one. This sort of thing is mere cynical window-dressing, laid on by people who wrongly suppose that the rest of the non-politician population are as dim and duplicitous as they are.”

And on the same page a snazzy (but annoying!) ‘advert’ placed by the GNDP to promote the opportunity for people to comment on the Inspectors’ changes to the Joint Core Strategy – no one can say they aren’t trying!

Another comment on an Evening News article on Norfolk County Council's Big Conversation consultation said:

"Yes I am sure NCC will review responses I am also sure they will totally ignore the vast majority, Call it what you like the big conversation or a public consultation, I choose to call it a big public con"

One wonders why the public are so cynical..

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