No more information....

The latest edition of Broadland News has just been published but something appears to be missing. Where has the section on the future of Broadland gone? No news on the proposed Rackheath eco-town, no news on the NDR, no news on the proposed Rackeath Exemplar, nothing about the recent Examination in Public of the Joint Core Strategy - what happened to Broadland's boast of "Keeping residents informed every step of the way"?

No wonder the majority of local people think the proposals for massive growth to the north east of Norwich have gone away - no wonder only a handful of people turned up at the recent Examination in Public if the JCS. Coverage by local media has been scant in recent times but NOTHING has gone away. The Greater Norwich Development Partnership and its constituent councils are still very keen to push everything through regardless of local opinion.

 There is a lot going on behind the scenes and we ignore it at our peril.


  1. Is it true that despite the Inspectors comments and the Residents protest at County Hall that the GNDP are continuing to meet in SECRET. What are they hiding from the local community ? Can SNUB please find out for us. This cannot be democracy surely

  2. You cannot trust Broadland or the unelected Quango the GNDP one inch. They and their developer friends are determined to destroy our countryside. When they let the public attend their meetings there might be some hope, but until then BEWARE.

  3. The tone of Broadland News is definitely different in this edition.
    I wonder if we see its demise as part of the Council Cuts, after all the Minister did single this out as a way in which councils could economise. I think he also highlighted the self-promotional activities of such publications as unnecessary.

  4. Sorry to be off-topic, but has anyone seen today's Evening News front page? Seems that Friends of Thorpe Woods have really got one over on the developers! See their blog too -its at - as mentioned in a post about three or four back. I know this is one of the issues snub is concerned about and rightly so. The Friends of Thorpe Woods campaign shows how well people-power and harnessing it in the form of local feeling can work wonders. Snub is doing a great job, don't get me wrong, but maybe soemthing like this would get the issues into the media and up the agenda? How about a celebration event, celebrating what is good about the eco-town area and how strongly local people want to keep it that way?