No change there then....

An email from the Greater Norwich Development Partnership Manager, Sandra Easthaugh, has confirmed that the all important GNDP Policy Group Meeting on 16th December will be carried out behind closed doors but there is an intention to discuss whether future meetings will be open to the public:

I am writing to let you know that it has been agreed to add an additional item to the GNDP Policy Group meeting Agenda of 16 December to discuss whether the future GNDP Policy Group meetings will be open to the public. There are no papers for this item, it will be a general discussion
The meeting on 16 December will not be a public meeting - the papers and the minutes will be published on the GNDP website as soon as they are released.
I will let you know the result of the discussion following the meeting.
Sandra Eastaugh
Greater Norwich Development Partnership Manager
However, as Scrivener has pointed out in a comment to the previous post, one questions whether enough people know or care what is going on. Let us hope that the powers extended by the Localism Billl will wake people up to the opportunities they will have to make their voices heard. No longer will councillors be able to do what they want once elected regardless of what their local community actually wants.

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  1. This is a typically arrogant response. The meeting to be held this week is one of the most crucial in the rotten history of the GNDP, so the promise is worthless. No one will ever know what they are doing and we have seen how they 'sanitise' the minutes of meetings.
    So far as I know the exclusion does not just include the general public but councillors who are members of the constituent councils. Only the twelve or so members of the GNDP will attend along with a phalanx of officers.