"Working for Broadland"

"Working for Broadland" is the tag line of Keith Simpson MP.

But just who is Mr Simpson working on behalf of? Is it the residents of his Broadland constituency or is it Broadland District Council? Just prior to the election Mr Simpson sent this letter to local residents in Rackheath  but since being re-elected there has been very little support from him on the local communities fight to stop large scale development in the NE Norwich Growth Triangle. On the subject of the proposed eco-town Mr Simpson wrote:

"Overwhelmingly local opinion is opposed to the proposal as outlined because of the sheer scale of the development and concerns that it will not actually meet the full criteria of an eco-town."

He added:

"I have made it clear that I do not support the development AND an incoming Conservative government will not support these Labour proposals for eco-towns, not least because they are opposed by
local communities."
What is going on at Whitehall? Why haven't we heard more from our MP? Why isn't he condemning the building of the NDR and the massive over-development planned for this part of his constituency. In 2008 Thorpe St Andrew had a population of 14,483 - the largest community in the Broadland area. What is being proposed for just Rackheath will make it as big, if not bigger, than Thorpe St Andrew. How can our MP support the desecration of part of his constituency in this way?


  1. Sadly we have to accept that all politicians will promise you the earth just to get your vote but once elected they forget us. We are still awaiting a reply to a letter sent in July.
    Keith Simpson should honpour his promise NOW.

  2. Never trust a Politician, they promise the earth just to get your vote and claim their lavish expenses, thehn they forget you until the next election. Simpson has much to answer for. Interesting to see if he keeps his promise