Inspector challenges GNDP to consider a Plan B....again!

Inspector Roy Foster has invited the Great Norwich Development Partnership to consider an alternative plan if the NDR does not go ahead (see text below) - indeed the Inspector queried the lack of a Plan B back in May at the pre-examination.  However GNDP, with their usual arrogance, do not seem to think there is a problem - Phil Kirby is quoted in the EDP today as saying ""We will be formulating a response. We are working on it and we need to answer the points that he has raised and how to deal with the strategy uncertainties. I think that everything is there in the framework, it's just a need to explain what our strategy is."

Here is the text of the Inspector's note to the GNDP:

"With regard to the NDR, the GNDP view continues to be that there is a reasonable prospect of its delivery within the timespan necessary, to begin construction at the growth triangle from 2014/15 as per page 111
of the JCS.

That may or may not be so. However, the point remains that one could not be certain of NDR delivery at the programmed adoption date of the JCS.

Consequently in order to secure soundness in relation to the “flexibility” element of the “effectiveness” determinant, we invite you to consider to what extent there could be potential for a Plan B partial alternative to the NDR.

We realise that the GNDP position is that the NDR is necessary to deliver the full growth triangle but this may be an unnecessarily high-risk approach. Development of a contingency option which enabled programmed development to commence, even if completion of the NDR was not assured, could provide a sound alternative Plan B.

It would be necessary for GNDP to consider carefully what changes would need to be made to the JCS, having discussed the matter with the Highways Agency and any other relevant parties, including local
landowners. Ideally any Plan B would provide a justified explanation of the amount of development which it could release and when. The JCS would also need to explain that once Plan B had been completed, if there
were still no prospect of the NDR being constructed, then the whole of the JCS would need to be reviewed.
It is possible that much of the detail of Plan B could be devolved to the AAP, but it would be essential to have given Plan B sufficient consideration at this stage, to know that the AAP was not being faced with an impossible brief."

An who will decide whether the GNDP continues along the same path or whether they will elect to produce a Plan B? Apparently it will rest with the four leaders of the councils involved without the matter going to Full Council and without any debate being carried out in public. Don't they ever learn?


  1. Mr Kirby stated very clearly at the first hearing that there was NO PLAN.B Yet now he states they are considering. Just wish he would make his mind up. He will do anything to please his developer friends

  2. Just FOUR people to decide on an issue that could effect thousands of people. Surely you cannot call this DEMOCRACY. Still it sums up the GNDP Quango so well.

  3. Wake up residents of Broadland. If there is No NDR or other vital infrastructure the Developers backed by Broadland Council will still build the urban sprawl. After all they have to make their fat profits.

  4. Rackheath Resident26 November 2010 at 16:33

    Just shows how little we can trust Kirby and the GNDP. He blows with the wind.

  5. I see young Councillor Fisher had another go at David Hastings in the EDP this week. Of course he never answered the points about Consultation and balanced development by South Norfolk. He just does "His Masters Bidding"

  6. I really believe the Inspector is beginning to smell a rat. The whole JCS stinks.

  7. When is Keith Simpson going to tell us what he did with the Petition from 3,200 angry local residents ? Surely he represents us, after all we voted for him.

  8. Did you see the way this was reported in your favourite paper? " A further meeting of the examination will take place on December 9 at 10am to clear up outstanding matters"
    Their reporters have been attending but I suggest that they haven't a clue what is going on. They don't even appear to have read the JCS. Just reporting what the GNDP tells them.

  9. As we all know the EDP is heavily biased in favour of the GNDP and the Developers so we should not expect the local residents to get help. I thought that man Kirby said there was NO PLAN B.

  10. I hope as many as possible can turn up to the Extra Inspectrors Day on December 9th so we can all see the GNDP in their true colours. They will not be satisfied until all our villages are covered in concrete.

  11. Surely Broadland District Councils new motto should be "Keeping residents totally in the dark every step of the way. Who said we lived in a Democracy.

  12. Where is Keith Simpson and his SUPPORT !! Its time he made his pre-election opinions felt in the right quarters.He got my vote and that of my wife because of what he said then,so lets here from you Mr.Simpson.
    You have the opportunity to air your views on Dec.9th on the final day of the inspectors examination,it would be nice to see you there.