GNDP and Wind Turbines

Sometimes you wonder what sort of a monster has been created through the GNDP. The latest revelation from the Public Hearing which is hearing the Joint Core Strategy is that the Councils want to build a series of Wind Turbines around the areas of new development. The figure they propose is 23 in total which will be approved under the Supplementary Planning Document Process. This process is under the control of the Council.
This will overcome all the local objections such as we have witnessed at Hethel and Hempnall. Do you think any of them are aware of this?

These will be of the latest design with a height of 120m to the rotor and a swept diameter of 120 m. The apex would be roughly 180 metres (590ft) above ground level. These will all produce electricity through an Electricity Supply Company (ESCO) created by the Council. No longer any choice of supplier.
The joke is that one of the areas where the report claims there is not a problem is at the Northern End of the ECO-Town, near Muck Lane. Mr Knowles produced a sharp retort when this was pointed out to the Inspectors, as if it were SNUB's fault that his plans had flaws.
This location is on the flight path to Norwich airport and only 3.5 miles from the end of the runway. How high is an airliner at that point on its approach?


  1. I bet the pilots will love that!!On the plus side though,they will be able to use them to navigate by won't they.!!!

  2. Not in the low nimbostratus which has been so predominant in the past week. I live in Salhouse and the planes are invisible in the cloud as they pass over us.
    Perhaps the editor was unaware that the windfarm is only part of the solution, they plan biomass and biogas plants as well. Truth is that it is all experimental and they are using us as guinea pigs again.
    Once it is built it will be a carbuncle on the Norfolk landscape for ever. Just another Town Planners folly.

  3. I see in todays EDP that BDC are hosting a "become a district councillor"evening next Wednesday at the council offices to explain to those who attend what is involved in being a district councillor.
    Maybe SNUB should put in an appearance.?

  4. I know I mentioned the extra powers the Council are intent on grabbing but you only have to look carefully at the Joint Core Strategy to realise that they do not know what they are talking about. They get reports done for them by consultants which they then parade as authorative justification. Both the Drivas Jonas report on housing and the ESD report on Energy do not stand up to even minor scrutiny.
    Why do the Councils want to become electricity suppliers when offshore windfarms linked to the National Grid will provide increasingly green power for all.

    Perhaps the last post was intended as a diversion ploy. I do not think SNUB with its apolitical stance would attend. Maybe members who feel strongly about the issues will want to know how becoming a councillor will help them to influence the Council but I suspect they will be disappointed.
    Meanwhile, look at the biomass plans. It went from a woodchip plant to a straw burner in five minutes when the issue was discussed last week.
    The Examplar includes a Biogas plant using Aneaerobic digestion. What is that I hear you ask. Well it is why the Council have been collecting your food waste. They have no idea if it is a feasible proposal, though.

  5. Has no one told the Planners that the Ecotown sits under the extended centre line to the main runway at Norwich International Airport. Wind turbines under the approach on a foggy night are not a nice thought. Who would buy a house under the approach ?

  6. Well done to SNUB for making our case so well at the Enquiry. By the way who is paying for the expensive Barrister with Broadland. I hope it is not us the Taxpayers.