A rose by any other name....

The Greater Norwich Development Partnership are having to make some changes to their original documentation and the following was extracted from their 'Schedule of Minor Changes' which they are submitting to the Planning Inspector in answer to further questions: 

A large part of the development at Rackheath is was promoted as an eco-community under the previous government's Eco town town programme. The Rackheath eco-community will remain low carbon community remains part of this strategy. even if the Government's strategy falters.

So we must remember in future not to refer to "the proposed Rackheath eco-town" but instead refer to "the proposed Rackheath Low Carbon Community" - we wonder who came up with that and why it was deemed necessary? There must be some little loop hole they are hoping to wriggle through with that one.


  1. Richard Williams4 October 2010 at 20:42

    You should know that slight of hand is the stock in trade of Broadland District Council. You just need to look at the Sustainability Appraisal to see what is happening.
    Essentially their builders are saying we can't make a big fat profit if you keep us to the ECO town standards so the policy has been changed to suit them. It actually shows the planning system to be complete sham wholly dictated by profit.

    In terms of affordable housing -
    • Given that this Policy has been made less stringent to reflect viability, which in turn is a reflection of market conditions that may fluctuate considerably over the life-time of the plan, it is suggested that the following commitment be made within the policy rather than supporting text: “The overall target, policy target, and balance of tenures will be kept under review in the light of updated information on housing need.”

    This is akin to saying 'we always did just want another housing estate but we thought it would be easier to get onto a greenfield site and very good for our ego if it was an eco town'. That now looks too expensive, so they are preparing to mortgage our children's futures and just build a high density slum of the future instead.
    It would be better if they went back to the drawing board.

  2. This is what happens when you let the Council fall into the hands of chancers.

  3. But no Council can disobey an Act of Parliament, or the UN Charters and Declarations which those Acts are based on. No developer can either. Why don't you take the Acts and Charters to the Council physically, on paper, and make everyone obey them?

    Everyone talks about Magna Carta - well, that piece of paper, or parchment, worked wonders - and paper can do the same again.

    If paper doesn't work, then it has to be pitchforks and torches - but that doesn't seem to work either, look what happened to the Peasants Revolt, the Ketts, the Tolpuddle Martyrs, etc. etc. etc. We should at least try the Charters and Statutes - they are in very plain English you know. No-one could pretend not to understand them. I am compiling a list, which I will post eventually, in case anyone is interested. You just print them off the Internet, unless you want to write them out on parchment scroll in huge writing and slowly unroll them in a grand gesture! - that might take a couple of years to write out!