North and South Divide

Why is it that to the south of Norwich it is the developer and their architects who are producing the glossy newsletter promoting the building of 1100 homes at Hethersett whereas to the north it is Broadland District Council who are doing this job in their quarterly Broadland News magazine (pp17-21 in the latest copy)?

So effectively it is the rate payers in Broadland who are funding the promotion of the proposed development in Rackheath.

Broadland News is delivered to every home and business in the Broadland area but Broadland District Council also see fit to have it available as an on-line magazine that you can 'flip' through. However, they didn't see fit to deliver their 'consultation' leaflet and questionnaire on the Rackheath Exemplar to every home in the villages affected by the proposed development. They also didn't see fit to have an on-line questionnaire about the development as we have mentioned before - it seems that they prefer to use technology for show and spin.


  1. I object most strongly to having part of my council tax being used by BDC to promote the mass building projects in North east Norwich. It is not the councils job to promote the developers schemes and it certainly should not be using public money to do so. This council is NOT looking after the interests of its tax payers,but seems to be hell bent on destroying the area under bricks and mortar, in full support of the developers. The council should listen to its voters,next years elections are not far off.!

  2. We stand to loose so much of the countryside in the process. There must be a better way to address housing needs than this?

  3. If Broadland District Council are the promoters of all this development how can they be sitting in judgement on planning applications?
    Can someone send me a copy of both of those documents I think the Inspectors need to see what is going on. It can be added to a submission for the Hearing.

  4. Proctor and Kirby are behind all this and they need to be reminded that they are only the hired help!