Innovative Public Service Delivery Gobbledygook

Communities and Local Government (CLG) are hosting a "Growth Summit" event on 22nd September supported by Broadland District Council and Broadland Community Partnership. (sorry closing date was 31st August as places are limited)

The event aims to offer the following:

  • CLG overview of growth opportunities and support available
  • Rackheath - the local delivery context - challenges and opportunities
  • Access to key central government office leads for a 2 way conversation
  • Time to explore service innovation opportunities with Norfolk's key players
  • Links to the Norfolk Futures project
  • Introduction to innovative delivery conversations required across all Norfolk's growth areas

The agenda on BDC's website is, unfortunately, the one for the postponed 21st May Growth Summit so it is not clear exactly what will be going on at this event but judging from the aims it might be best for attendees to take with them their dictionaries of gobbledygook and spin.

Better still, they should visit the Plain English website and go to their gobbledygook generator page and pick up their own, random piece of business jargon to take with them!


  1. I'm a reasonably intelligent person and this makes no sense to me whatsoever!
    These people need to get their act together and use the Queen's english!

  2. Sounds like a full lifestyle propostion interfacing with integrated economic capture opportunities, going forward!

  3. This is just pure nonsense and more spin


    The above event was due to take place on the 22 September 2010, however we apologise for any inconvenience caused as we have decided to indefinitely postpone the proposed “Innovative Public Service Delivery event”. We had written to all delegates on 5th August cancelling the event.An IT glitch caused the page about the event to remain on our website, for which I apologise.

    We feel that we will be better placed to hold such an event once the Coalition Government has published its Local Government White Paper in October 2010; when the implications of the Comprehensive Spending Review are known (also October); and when the Public Bodies Bill has been introduced (November 2010).

    If you would like more information on the current status of the Broadland growth agenda and Rackheath eco-community, please contact Broadland’s Policy team on: 01603 430567 or by email to:

  5. You could; as the last contributor says, contact Broadland District Council and learn some more jargon or alternatively, keep coming back to this post for up to date information about their plans.
    Angie Doy's irony seems only to emphasise the true nature of this gobbledegook. The only buzz-word missing from the title is 'exciting'.

    The second paragraph could be more clearly expressed by saying that The Governments Spending cuts will leave us with little money to carry out "innovations" and there might well be nobody to do it. We are wisely waiting to see what happens.