GNDP Minutes

Minutes are available here for the past three GNDP Policy Group meetings - as ever on the GNDP website you have to hunt around for things which are more usually made easily available on other websites. Perhaps GNDP could pay for a web architect to take a look and improve matters - after all they seem to have masses of funding.


  1. They know that they have been dealing with these meetings as a secret society and they are at this late date pretending that this is open and above board.
    Malfeasance seems an apt description of all this becoming public 10 days before the deadline for EiP submissions.

  2. The Greater Norwich Development Partnership (GNDP) met on 23rd September and a member of the public turned up to listen. (see the earlier posting)
    Who ever he is I think we should be grateful. I do not believe we would would have access to this information otherwise.
    Even so as Geoff said it is too little too late and surprise surprise, the Chairman of GNDP has just resigned and is about to buzz off to India. Looks like he will never be held to account for his contribution to this disgraceful episode in Norfolk's history.