And there will be jobs...

The plans for the Exemplar state "the aim should be one employment opportunity per new dwelling that is easily reached by walking, cycling and/or public transport". So we are talking about at least 200 new jobs being accessible to residents of the Exemplar.

There are few job opportunities around this area at the moment and many units at Rackheath Industrial Estate are empty - if Broadland District Council are considering providing opportunities for these proposed new residents what are they going to do for current residents who are out of work? Will these people be denied the same opportunities as the new residents?

Some of  these new opportunities are described in the brief:

  • A community Centre
  • A visitor centre
  • Incubator business units
  • A shop
  • Energy Centre
  • A health building
  • A travel centre
However BDC agree themselves that not all these facilities will necessarily go ahead and they also admit that a community of 200 housing units would not normally support a shop (there are already two very good village shops in Rackheath) - the phrase 'pie in the sky' springs to mind!


  1. As we all know this Education Centre is just a propaganda tool to employ yet more bureaucrats. What a waste of our money. When will Broadland come into the real world ? The whole project is a disgrace

  2. How can this be called Exemplar when it is being built on Grade Two food producing farmland with only 5/10% of the houses are so called Ecohomes and the rest are just high density urban sprawl all to boost the developers profit. Wake up Broadland a few people are going to make millions by destroying your heritage

  3. Perhaps Broadland DC will try and take over our Rackheath Fun Day on the 22nd to promote the developers profits. Just wait and see.

  4. Perhaps they will find one for Mark