Simple as that...???

According to a link on North Norfolk Radio's website on 26th July the coalition government have had their say on the proposed Rackheath eco-town.

"They've told Broadland District council the controversial plans need the backing of the local community.

Over 4000 homes which are environmentally friendly are planned for the area.

Now the council is planning to build a test site to show people what the development will be like.

They’ll put on events where local people can learn what’s going on and give feedback.

If that's a success then work will start on the other houses"

How scary is that? The sad thing is that this is probably exactly what BDC are planning to do....

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  1. Have we all misunderstood the situation here?

    Now the Council is planning to build a test site. Surely not; since when was it a Council’s job to build houses: not since the process was scrapped under a former Tory Government. They must have new powers about which the Government has failed to tell us. They don’t seem to have any difficulty in telling the press but what have they told the Council? Have they consulted Rackheath? Oh no they will learn their fate on the 22nd August after the District Council has agreed it. This is banana republic politics.

    So who is buying the land?
    Is the site contained in the Local Plan?
    Who is designing the estate?
    What is the density and to what sustainability standard will they be?
    Who is building the houses?
    What financial process enables this?
    Who is paying?
    Who is making the decisions?
    The regulator of building is surely not the same body as the developer?... or the developer the tool of the Council.

    It all seems most simple until you look at what is going on.