GNDP seem to have changed their changes!

The Great Norwich Development Partnership website now has a page giving brief details about the launch of the latest public consultation but a further change seems to have crept in since their previous announcement.

The focussed changes to the Joint Core Strategy are now:
  1. Policy 4: Housing Delivery
  2. Policy 10: Location of major new, and expanded, communities in the Norwich Policy Area
  3. Appendix 5: Old Catton, Sprowston, Rackheath, Thorpe St Andrew Growth Area Triangle Concept Statement
When and why did point 2: Policy 10: Location of major new, and expanded, communities in the Norwich Poliucy Area creep in and why has the original 'or' in the JCS now been changed to 'and'???

The whole consultation will take place over a six week period and already the scope of the changes previously  announced has increased. The public need to be very committed to keep up with what is going on - you'd be hard pressed to find the launch of this public consultation on the Broadland District Council's website . Surely they have a duty to keep us informed.

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  1. Richard Williams17 July 2010 at 19:13

    This is a sticking plaster for the failed JCS. It includes a formal bid for the Growth Triangle to be covered by a Strategic Planning Document instead of an Area Action Plan. The affect of this change is really fundamental and amongst other things will limit the need to consult on any changes that arise on the plans within the growth triangle. An entirely undesirable proposal and one which surprised the Inspectors. They wanted to know why the GNDP wanted this when it covered such a large geographical area and such a long period of time.

    It also addresses the issue of affordable housing which was wholly unsustainable in the JCS. A report produced on affordable housing by consultants Drivas Jones showed that the figures which had been produced by other councils were not justified. Builders could not be expected to deliver such a proportion.
    They have now employed them to look at the GNDP area and their report is intended to underpin the JCS.

    Running this consultation from next monday to the 30th August is cynical in that most local councils have no meetings during this time. They want a limited response to help bolster their case. It is a travesty of democracy.