Eric Pickles is saying all the right things but what will it mean for Rackheath?

"Communities will no longer have to endure the previous government's failed Soviet tractor style top-down planning targets - they were a terrible, expensive, time-consuming way to impose house building and worst of all threatened the destruction of the Green Belt.
"I promised to get rid of them and today I'm revoking regional plans with immediate effect - hammering another nail in the coffin of unwanted and an unaccountable regional bureaucracy. They were a national disaster that robbed local people of their democratic voice, alienating them and entrenching opposition against new development.

Regional Strategies built nothing but resentment - we want to build houses. So instead we will introduce powerful new incentives for local people so they support the construction of new homes in the right places and receive direct rewards from the proceeds of growth to improve their local area."

So Broadland District Council and friends (ie Greater Development Norwich Partnership) we hope you are listening and that you will take notice that SNUB has never opposed the building of new homes in Norfolk but instead has argued for any new homes to be dispersed.

Proposed building in the NE Norwich Triangle got you off the hook with the rest of the County but the time has come for proper debate about housing numbers and fair and honest consultation. No Spin!

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