Broadland District Council are NOT listening!

Broadland District Council are still insisting that they have listened to SNUB "in both public and private meetings" but seem to be claiming that SNUB's views do not represent the majority of the local community. They claim that "people who want and need good housing, those who see the need for sustainable growth and development and those who want to find secure employment" should have a voice too. BDC apparently cannot see that this group of people and members of SNUB are not mutually exclusive!!

SNUB has consistently said that they do not oppose sustainable growth and understand the need for more homes and indeed many of us would welcome secure employment! BDC should stop portraying SNUB as the bad guys and see SNUB for what it is - an ever growing number of local people who are appalled that BDC are planning inappropriate growth in a triangle north east of Norwich which will create an urban landscape out of farmland and woodland.

Travelling round Norfolk it is easy to see we are not the only group who are dissatisfied with planned local development and BDC and other councils should start taking notice of what local communities are actually saying.


  1. I an sick to death of the dictatorship that is Broadland District Council. They are out of control. Norfolk County Council are going the same way but it is just a few corrupting the many. Phil Kirby, Adrian Gunson, Andrew Proctor and Simon Woodbridge are the worst offenders. Ploughing on with plans to build vast housing estates on greenfield sites, destroying the countryside with dual carriageways when millions are being cut on vital schemes to improve existing communities. WE DO NOT WANT THIS "GROWTH" Why do they think it is a good thing to wreck our county and cram people in like sardines? We live here because we love the rural feel and open space. I could earn a much higher wage if I moved somewhere more urban but I choose not to. Money is not what drives me. Quality of life is much more important.....

  2. I am afraid that BDC mistake the apathy of many people as support. Residents also feel that because the council do not listen to them there is nothing they can do. Your silence is used as demonstration of support for the scheme so "do nothing" at your peril!

  3. The majority of local people want good housing. If this is the council's claim then BDC are letting them down as well. How bizarre is it that people buy new houses of poor design with pocket handkerchief gardens on rabbit warren estates with roads that look like car parks. All built by the usual building conglomerates who have so much power and influence that the Council does what they say. Once these residents buy them they have to spend more money upgrading them.

    Just how does Broadland District Council provide secure employment? They surely never said that did they. Perhaps they were just referring to their own staff.

  4. You only have to look at the latest 'consultation' issued by the Councils to realise that they are not listening. Have no intention of listening. Are commited to pursuing this at whatever cost.
    Are, as already said, totally out of control.

  5. Richard Williams21 July 2010 at 08:48

    The Councillors are not even listening to their electors.
    The GNDP put out a statement after the Planning Inspectors hearing at which they noted a few minor issues that needed to be resolved before the Planning Hearing.
    Now we see the extent of those issues and how the Councils are seeking to use every trick in the book to avoid a true consultation yet again.
    They set it up right in the middle of the summer break, when there are no Parish Council meetings; they only allow answers to the specific questions they pose, and then require responses only by computer.
    Our Councillors seem to be happy with that.
    It is as bad as gerrymandering and they are all complicit.

  6. Broadland Council have never listened to the protests of the five Parish Councils and 4,000 residents affected and they never will as they have to obey the developers who will make a huge profit from our valuable farmland. High time ALL THE RESIDENTS woke up to the destruction of their area.

  7. To think we fought a war to defend our freedom and yet we now have to live under the tin-pot dictatorship of Broadland District Council.
    Roll on next May when we can get rid of them.