Why the rush?

The EDP printed an article last week about  a £100m project for more than 400 new homes in Norwich and plans for the first council homes to be built in the city for more than 20 years have been put on hold due to the government's spending review. A further article the following day stated that a major city-centre development which promised offices, restaurants, cafes and homes has been put up for sale and the future of the site is now unclear.

Yet Broadland District Council are happily spending money promoting the proposed Rackheath eco-town and even recruiting for new posts for the project. This smacks of arrogance or complete disregard given that the Joint Core Strategy has been found wanting in many areas. There are plenty more opportunities for these proposals to be thrown out. As far as we are aware a planning application hasn't even been submitted either so why the rush to spend money which could and should be put to better use elsewhere. 

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  1. I am currently buying a house in Rackheath and my solicitor tells me there are no planning applications that have been submitted in relation to the eco-town when the searches were done.