The region is doing well...

So the Eastern Region is doing well is it? Local firms (discounting Aviva!) are weathering the storm better than the economy as a whole which shrank by more than 3% last year.

The reason for success is principally because we are agriculture and tourist based so why would anyone suggest that building over acres of farmland right up to the outskirts of Wroxham would be a benefit to the region? We are going to need that farmland even more in the future so why ignore this fact now?

The Joint Core Strategy proposes further employment growth to the south west and success and proposed expansion has been seen at Hethel and the Norwich  Research Park so why would anyone suggest that new homes should be built to the north east of Norwich - the opposite side of the city to where many jobs are being promoted and indeed created?

City Centre offices are lying empty so why do we need new offices with 79 parking spaces (albeit green offices!) situated just off a lane in rural Rackheath?

Some things don't add up...


  1. Well the Councillors refused to grant planning approval for this office block scheme which after so long was brought back just in time for it to be approved before the ECO town goes by the board. ....and guess what, the Officers were so angry that the councillors were going against their recommendation that they tried three times to try and get the word approval included in the final decision text.
    It was a disgrace.

  2. Jack . Rackheath16 June 2010 at 05:25

    Companys are put off from city centre offices as the rent is high, running costs are high, and there is little parking available. Get offices out of the city, there's no for them to be there.

  3. Come on Jack get real. We don't need to build offices in the city or in the country but just get the empty ones occupied. The number of empty offices in Norwich City is at a 10 year high, thier are empty units on Broadland Business Park and Rackheath Industrial site and in Wood Green.