Another job created by BDC specifically for the proposed eco-town

 According to the council's website "Broadland is one of the fastest growing areas in Norfolk and has international recognition for its quality of life. With 10,000 additional homes needed by 2026 growth is at the centre of our future plans. We need to ensure that services continue to meet community needs, the local economy is supported and development is sustainable." 

So what else do they need but a Marketing and Communications Manager with a salary of up to £43,000!

BDC must be very sure of themselves as this is the third job advertised by them specifically created for the proposed Rackheath eco-town. Their assertion that Broadland is one of the fastest growing areas in Norfolk will certainly be borne out if they get their way - but the international recognition of quality of life will decline dramatically as they cut away the very thing that makes Norfolk special and gives it its "quality of life".

Just what is going on? They know that the majority of residents don't want this but are blithely ignoring everyone - they were elected to work for us not against us. Something is horribly wrong!


  1. Just read my paper and seen the Broadland DC advert. Just how can they spend £43,000 of our money when the Ecotown has not yet been given the go ahead by the new Government. This Council spends taxpayers money like water. When are they going to live in the real world like the rest of us.

  2. Here they go again EMPIRE BUILDING with our money. How many of the Broadland residents who pay there inflated salaries are earning £43,000
    Will they ever wake up ?

  3. Local resident4 June 2010 at 12:39

    Just how can Broadland Council talk about our quality of life when they are trying to destroy it. Do they really need to spend £43,000 of OUR MONEY to promote the destruction of a wonderful part of the Broads. The advert should state instead, Join the team and help to boost the Developers profits - bonues are paid on the amount of destruction achieved.

  4. Broadland Pensioner4 June 2010 at 12:43

    Can I please beg everyone to write to the Ministers Eric Pickles and Grant Shapps as well as their MP's and County Councillor to get this madness stopped. I love the Broads and do want to see them destroyed.