Ah - a Supplementary Planning Document is announced!

Broadland District Council have announced in the latest Broadland News that they are planning a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for the Growth Triangle.  What they haven't said is that the government has stipulated that local authorities must involve the community in the preparation of SPDs.

Ok, BDC are holding a number of public exhibitions to 'gather the public's views' on how the area of the Growth Triangle should look in the future but this isn't quite the same as 'involving the community in the preparation' of an SPD.

First BDC should explain exactly what an SPD is and then explain why they are intending to use an SPD rather than an Area Action Plan. There are reasons why they might choose to do this and they should make them crystal clear and let us make up our minds whether or not it is appropriate or indeed, legal..

The Inspector clearly stated that any 'change should be advertised so that members of the public are presented with the opportunity, should they wish to do so, of making representations about the soundness or legal implications of proceeding in that way.'

A brief paragraph in Broadland News doesn't quite tick the right box..


  1. The inspectors also asked a number of other important questions like
    Why an SPD was necessary.
    Whether it was an appropriate way of dealing with a major planning scheme which was widely spread geographically and in time.
    Why it needed to cover the whole of the Growth Triangle.
    What other options had been considered.

    Amongst other things, an SPD allows subsequent changes to plans yet limits the scope for further consultation. This leaves the Planners in charge and they have not yet demonstrated that they could be trusted not to abuse those powers.

  2. I was wondering why they were bothering to change to an SPD - thank you Anonymous for making it clearer. Seems like a case of by hook or by crook we will get this pushed through.

  3. Hello Heracles

    Glad to see that you have joined us and have picked up the group theme.

  4. We should all be very wary of a Council that intends to use an SPD, especially one as devious as Broadland

  5. Just got my copy of the Broadland News propaganda magazine. Should they not alter their slogan of "Keeping Residents informed every step of the way" to "Keeping Residents informed of the Developers plans every step of the way". Perhaps they should allow the residents to have an article in this magazine

  6. Where is the funding coming from for all the infrastructure needed to build this obscene NE Triangle at a time when we should be helping to cut the deficit ? Please can we have houses in our villages to keep them alive and not in a massive Barratt Homes housing estate dumped in our countryside.

  7. I agree with Broadsman. I believe that SNUB asked to have an article in Broadland News but was refused. How about that for true democracy and community involvement.