What's in a name (job title)?

Well it seems that more people prefer the title 'New Communities Programme Manager - Norfolk' to that of 'Programme Manager, New Communities - Norfolk'. According to http://www.reed.co.uk/ the former has 4 applicants whilst the latter only 2 (why the same job is advertised twice on the Reed online recruitment website is anyone's guess*) and six people so far are keen to try their hands at managing the new communities programme in Broadland should the proposals get the go-ahead. (The number of applicants will no doubt increase as the closing date is 19th May and some applicants might well use other websites such as EdenBrown Broadland's recruitment consultants)

One can't help hoping that they will all be disappointed..... and we'll get to keep fields like this and the rural communities hundreds of families wanted for their children and future generations. The start date for this new job is 2nd August 2010 so there is still time for the whole situation to change.

* If they doubled up on this did they double up on the number of houses they want to build too?? Hope someone checked those figures!

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