Others call for halt in eco-town spending but Broadland ploughs on...

The Bordon Herald's headlines on Thursday were "Call for halt in eco-town spending" and reported on a district councillor asking for all spending to stop on the Whitehill-Bordon eco-town plans until the new coalition government makes their position clear on the proposed eco-towns.

Meanwhile, local residents here received a rather desperate letter from Phil Kirby, the Chief Planner for Broadland District Council telling them about the council's plans to build 10,000 houses in the snappily named Old Catton, Sprowston, Rackheath and Thorpe St Andrew Growth Triangle as if it was a 'done deal' which it most certainly is not!

Mr Kirby goes on to mention the 4,100 homes to be built at the 'eco-community' in Rackheath - didn't the previous government lay down rules for the proposed eco-towns which said they were to be stand-alone communities with at least 5,000 houses? Rackheath patently fails on both those points.

He also mentions another 3,000 new homes which need to find suitable locations - 2,000 of which will be in parishes closest to Norwich. Just why are they so intent on promoting urbanisation in this part of Norfolk?

Consultation on the location of the 3,000 homes is promised but local residents know how hollow this promise actually is - consultation by Broadland District Council means that you can say what you want but they won't take any notice and will go ahead and do exactly as they want.

Did the Inspector's questions and comments made last Thursday have an impact after all and now BDC are desperately trying to cover themselves by sending out letters 'informing' local residents of what they are currently up to. However, everyone knows that few people will actually manage to read though the entire two page letter let alone understand most of the jargon!

The letter itself as well as the accompanying leaflet detailing venues and dates for BDC Roadshows looks cheap and hastily put together and although BDC say they are trying to attract new business to the area they don't even support the businesses that are already here - the mailing company they used was in Radstock! How about supporting local companies BDC - there are mailing companies just a few miles away from your doorstep!

Stop working towards YOUR aspirations and start taking notice of the aspirations and needs of your residents - it is those residents who pay your wages and elect your leaders to work on our behalf. We don't want any more money wasted on those aspirations of yours thank you.


  1. Has this letter been sent to everyone in the District? If so it sounds expensive. If it wasnt what exactly is the point.
    At which meeting of councillors was this new consultation process approved. If it wasn't we might just have had it confirmed who is running our council.

    Does it just apply to Broadland or is it the whole GNDP?
    Is it a proposition to legitimise the Joint Core Strategy or is Broadland going it alone?
    If they are why are they still quoting regional assembly housing targets when the Government have said housing growth should be organic and to meet local need?
    So many questions but the most important may be where is the money coming from?

  2. Looked like your regular junk mail to me - didn't exactly say 'your present tranquility is at severe risk' did it?