A bit premature don't you think?

Broadland District Council are currently advertising for two positions which are quite clearly dependent upon the proposed Rackheath eco-town going ahead.

The first is for a New Communities Programme Manager (see previous post) and the second is for a quaintly named Community Engagement Coordinator. After denying that they were in any way promoting the Rackheath eco-town the advertisement for the coordinator post clearly states that 'Rackheath is being promoted by Broadland Council as a flag-ship eco-community'. The advertisement goes on to say  'this forms part of a growth triangle which we believe provides the best location for large scale development in the district as well as meeting our aspirations for new and existing communities to achieve the highest environmental standards'.

There we have it - these are Broadland's aspirations - nothing to do with the the aspirations of the local communities whose lives and countryside will be irrevocably ruined by the proposed development.

The plans for the development have not even been submitted and yet Broadland District Council is quite happy to promote the proposed eco-town. They still talk about listening to the community but their minds are clearly made up - the town is going to be built whatever the weight of opposition. We can only hope that our MP, Keith Simpson, will to stand up against them as he has promised he would in the run-up to the recent election.


  1. Phil Doig, Salhouse10 May 2010 at 10:34

    I think you're absolutely right. Remembering the smugness and annoyingly jovial approach taken by representatives of BDC at a public meeting in Rackheath, they seem to be paying 'lip-service' to the wishes of local people whilst planning to ride rough-shod over all of the very strong arguements against this ridiculous potential ruination of the entire area. But as long as they meet the figures for new housing so-called 'requirements' they're not really bothered about anything else are they? We really do have to stop this.

  2. This is ridiculous! The project hasn't even been granted planning permission yet! This just reinforces my view that consultations are just going through the motions and something that has to be adhered to, not taking any comments or views into consideration.

    Gideon Amos' view that "the weight and volume of opposition is always, from some quarters, fairly heavy and should not surprise anyone. The numbers opposing something however, rightly in my view, are not normally a consideration given any relevance."
    is obviously one also held by Broadland District Council.

  3. So, 42 Broadland band D householders,each of whom pay £1465.20 each year in council tax,will no doubt be delighted to know that ALL their hard earned tax pounds will be going straght out to pay the £62,000 salary of this unnecessary bureaurocrat, who is to be employed to help force through this totally unwanted and inappropriate scheme against the wishes of the local people.(This does not take into account the others who will be paying for the expenses and index linked pension etc).I would much rather see my council tax money being used to provide services rather than line the pockets of another fatcat.!!