Barratt already building to Level 6

If Barratt are already proving that they can build to Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes at their Hanham Hall development in Bristol why isn't the much heralded Eco-town at Rackheath being built to the same level? The developers state that the buildings at the proposed Rackheath Eco-town will be to Code Level 4 which will be the norm for all new homes by 2013 so is hardly anything special in terms of new building.

The new development at Ecostessey Park just outside Norwich is being built to zero carbon levels (i.e. Level 6) and to add to its green credentials it is close to the existing Route No 1 of the National Cycle Way.

Not only do the developers at Rackheath want to impose a new town on the local community but it won't even be to particularly high standards and already the term retro-fit is being bandied about as if that makes everything alright!


  1. The Sustainability level is a bone of contention and it seems from other sites that the economics of this design have yet to be proven.
    Using public money yo build Housing Association properties as so called affordable houses when they actually cost more to build, just means that fewer houses will be made available.
    Welcome to the world of la-la land,

  2. Who ever thought up the name "Ecostessy" needs to get a life. It has to be the worst spin on a Eco and name place ive ever seen !

  3. Lets hope the news in the paper over the doubt surrounding the funding for the NDR and subsequent development means there will be no Barratt ticky tacky development!