Breckland Consults

Breckland Council is preparing to launch a 6 week consultation on proposed new homes, industrial areas, shops and open spaces in and around Dereham, Swaffham and Watton. The EDP today suggests that this planning blueprint "could change the face of their communities". Council leader William Nunn says that it is vital that people were aware of the details which will affect their communities - and that they have their say. He goes on "It is about the public taking ownership and where they want and don't want development. It will change the shape of some villages and towns."

Let us hope that the good folk of these towns and villages take advantage of these consultations and that their views will be taken into consideration.

The numbers of houses being considered are nothing like what is being planned in the Growth Triangle with 600 new homes being planned in Dereham and 250 each for Swaffham and Watton. How much more should have been done to inform and consult with the communities within the proposed Growth Triangle where the fate on many more households is at stake and the loss of many hectares of valuable farmland will have an impact not just on the local communities but possibly on future generations of the world..


  1. It is evident that the scale of the developments in Breckland is to be much lower than Broadland. However, the article was much less forthcoming about how many houses were to be built in Thetford or Attleborough.

    Breckland are not included in the Greater Norwch Development Partnership.

  2. Richard Williams28 April 2010 at 21:19

    Why do Broadland District Councillors want to create an ecological disaster by overdevelopment which will completely change the character of Norwich?

    Why do Broadland District Councillors want to take such a large share of the government imposed Norfolk Housing Allocation?

    Why do Broadland District Councillors want to hide all this development behind the smokescreen of an ECO TOWN?

    Why do Broadland District Councillors want to facilitate the land grab by developers of green belt land?

    Why do Broadland District Councillors want to build up to 15,000 houses NE of Norwich when the current housing stock in Norwich itself is only 61,000?

    Why do Broadland District Councillors want to be part of a plan to build 33,000 houses around Norwich bringing in and extra 100,000 people thereby increasing the population by almost 50%.

    Why do Broadland District Councillors call the Growth triangle an ECO development when this added housing will be accompanied by maybe 50,000 extra cars?