Rackheath Eco-Community Business Event feedback

Apparently Broadland District Council have spent about £11,000 of tax payers money on these 'Business Events' and is is slightly disturbing to discover that the feedback given by attendees of the last event will be used to draft an "Economic Development Plan" which will "accompany and inform any submission made by the developer for planning approval".

More disturbing when you read some of the "key messages"  which will be used in this draft include such comments as: "Don't waste funds on extensive consultations, use them on the development" and "There has been too much consultation for the NDR which needs to go ahead to support existing, let alone new businesses".

Another worrying comment  was: "There are problems with planning applications and associated bureaucracy. These need to be clearer and easier".

Someone, somewhere seems to want to steamroller over any democratic processes and just get the town and the NDR built come what may! So who is going to profit out of it in the end? Well, the local community has the most to lose and the developer has the most to gain......

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  1. The District Council is so biased that it must surely be unfit to pass judgement on any planning application for Rackheath.