Guess who?

We are local people who think the Government is wrong to want an eco-town here, and the Council is wrong with their plan to double the population of our town.  While they make promises they can't deliver, they do everything possible to conceal the real impact of their plan - a lot more houses, a lot more traffic, a lot of damage to the natural environment and surrounding settlements - and a few more shops and "facilities." We think the price of these facilites is far too high.

The Council is not listening to local people.   Most people place preservation of the area's countryside as a top priority.  5,500 houses will damage the natural ecology and biodiversity and take greenfield land to make up the shortfall in required open space.

Looks familiar doesn't it? But, no, this is not SNUB it is another campaign group unhappy about the proposed eco-town in their local area. Why isn't the government listening to local communities instead of pushing on regardless?

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  1. It is not the only one either. I think there are currently about six areas where the democratic process has been totally overwhelmed by Government autocracy