EERA reject Government call for massive programme of building in the East

Now we need Broadland District Council do do the same thing...  listen to the local community.

Yesterdays' news release from the East of England Regional Assembly  : You spoke..... we listened!

EERA Chairman, Cllr John Reynolds, said: “The Government’s call for a massive programme of house-building in the region is unrealistic and we have firmly rejected it. Having listened to our residents and considered all the evidence it is clear that a more balanced level of housing and jobs growth which also respects the environment is needed. We believe the draft Plan can deliver this.

“Fundamentally, our priority must be an excellent quality of life for all – so that by 2031 the East of England is a better place to live, learn, work, and invest.  We do need growth over the next 20 years, which is why the draft plan puts in place a framework that promotes sustainable development; addresses housing shortages; supports the growth of the economy and enables all areas to share in prosperity.

“Any growth strategy requires much more investment than the region currently receives, and we will continue to remind Government of its pledge that no growth will take place without adequate infrastructure to support it.”

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