Another SNUB Roadshow under the belt

In spite of wet weather and the 'off the beaten track' venue SNUB welcomed an audience including the Strategic Director and Chief Planner from Broadland District Council.

Speakers  from SNUB outlined the development plans which will affect the local area and David Hook from CPRE Norfolk gave an impassioned speech about why  development here would be wrong with some impressive figures about the carbon impact of this level of housing in Norfolk.

At question time SNUB, in true Democratic fashion, allowed the Chief Planner to come to the front and take the microphone whilst he spoke about some of the points that had been made by the SNUB speakers. He argued about some of the numbers that SNUB had used in the presentation and SNUB were grateful to have the numbers explained and will adjust accordingly in the future. SNUB has no desire or need to exaggerate these numbers.

His argument that the farmland in this area wasn't of the highest grade was answered by David Hastings who reminded him that at a John Innes Institute Lecture on February 9th, top scientists had warned the packed meeting about the loss of food producing land and said that the politicians and planners had to wake up fast to prevent a serious loss of food by 2020.  They said that for too long agricultural land had been under valued and this must change.

The Chief Planner also took exception to this map that had been produced by SNUB to try to give some sort of indication of the size of the Growth Triangle and seemed to have missed the point that it was simply to give people an easily identifiable area (ie all that within the outer ring road) with which to compare the proposed development area.

He also stated that the maps on Norfolk County Council's website indicating the route of the proposed NDR were out of  date - a problem that NCC should perhaps take steps to make clear to visitors to their website and at the same time explain how people can find out exactly where the proposed road is to be built if the correct route is not on their website.


  1. Did anyone ask Kirby when the developer was going to produce some scheme better than the block diagram with pictures of German Trains that current comprise heir website. A finite number of dwellings would be a good start; it seems to go up every time there is a new report. It would also be useful to know if the main residential access is going to be on Green Lane West.

  2. Richard Williams21 March 2010 at 22:53

    Did he take exception to the map? That is a surprise since it was constructed from a map sent to the author by Broadland District Council.

  3. Certainly not as packed as the meeting at Salhouse, which is a terrible shame, Where were all the people who moan and complain about the eco development ? This was your chance to support SNUB ! Does this just prove, that Rackheath residents just don't care ?
    Keep up the good work SNUB.

  4. Good to see Mr Kirby from Broadland.D.C at the Rackheath meeting but as always he treated us like a Dictator. When is he going to realise that he is a Public Servant and we pay him to look after our interests and not his Developer friends.