Yesterday's Press Releases from the Government & Broadland District Council

What spin indeed!

Where are the promises of "No Infrastructure - No Ecotown" and "We will not go ahead if there is strong local opposition"? There is no doubt that Democracy has died today.

They had better not boast too much, as to take £10 million from the Government when as a Nation we are virtually bankrupt and Defence, Education, Health, Universities, Care homes, Fire Service, Transport etc are being cut and the elderly driven into poverty: This shows how Politics stinks, as despite cutting essential services this Government can still find the cash for their pet schemes before they are thrown out. Once again we are looking at a "scorched earth policy" to build up debts that any incoming Government will be unable to pay.

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  1. BDC don't want a Unitary Authority (and have spent our money telling us to oppose it!) - we don't want an Eco-town and we need them to listen to our views NOW and stop this farce before more public money is spent on this crazy scheme!