Upping the game

At the SNUB committee meeting last night members agreed to ratchet up the campaign as more news of  planned developments within the proposed NDR route comes to light. With the new website, Facebook page and this Blog, SNUB is already gaining further support from communities within the proposed development areas.

SNUB intends to hold a number of  public meetings to inform local people of the extent of development planned for our area and will be actively seeking help from supporters to maximise the impact of our campaign.

Signatures are still required on the petition to stop the proposed Rackheath Eco-town on the No10 website - these petition do make a difference so it is vital that we encourage more people to sign up. It is a very easy procedure to follow (no home or email addresses are published) and even ex-pats can sign!

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  1. richard williams7 February 2010 at 20:59

    All of this development is going on outside the normal processes for planning and that is deliberately to avoid any delays which could arise when people object.
    Meanwhile the District Council continues to promote and support the developer of the eco town. The propaganda has been hitting the headlines for over two years. Even to the point where residents think it has all been agreed.
    Did you know that Gordon Browns big plan was to have 17 of these places across the country. However due to local opposition where the District Council has supported local residents and the MP's have backed them up those schemes have been killed off.
    Not here; Broadland wants the kudos of having the first eco-town and yet they have no idea what they will be giving approval to.
    Do they care what you think?