Rackheath Eco Event - Sprowston Manor

Broadland District Council hosted an event today aimed at local businesses with the intent to:
  • inform local businesses about the the proposed eco-community and schedule of development
  • enthuse local businesses about the opportunities that the development and eco-community can bring them
  • seek their thoughts and ideas on what an Economic Business Plan for  the eco-community development might contain
Once again Broadland District Council were not 'consulting' but were merely putting on a roadshow at our expense - let us not hope that they will not produce a document based on this event to say that local businesses are in favour of the proposed development when no information was actually provided for the attendees to form an opinion and no opportunity was given for questions at any stage of the event.

It was evident from responses that the majority of the attendees were very concerned that the infrastructure currently in place could not cope with the proposed development and that they felt that these needed to be in place BEFORE any development took place.

It was also evident that many people attending the event did not understand that the planned NDR would terminate at the airport and that it was not intended to be built like the Southern By-Pass with flyovers etc but would actually have roundabouts at all the major road junctions.

Oh, and a couple of other points- it was suggested that the name 'Rackheath' should be changed to something more catchy and that the current industrial estate was 'shabby'...... it seemed overall that we were going to be socially engineered to become a more acceptable 'eco-community'!


  1. This will all count in their engaging the community tick box. The trouble is the invited audience had no idea that they were being manipulated

  2. I think that is the frightening thing... the general public seem to have no idea of the monster that is being created

  3. With our Country verging on bankruptcy and the highest debt in our history with cuts in Defence, Healthcare, Education, Law & Order, Universities, Transport, Fie Service,Care homes and Pensioners is it not amazing that this dying Government can still find £60 million to fund their pet Ecotowns schemes, yet our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan due to lack of equipment. We should have far more important priorities than Ecotowns at the moment. They seem to be giving "printed money" away like water to make the job of any new incoming government impossible. Politics stinks

  4. That meeting was rigged by a typical Dictatorship and it was a disgrace. Are our Council working for the Developers ? I moved my business to Rackheath to get away from the City and into the countryside.
    Builder man

  5. I have not doubt it is you scratch our backs and we will scratch yours. Maybe we need to use the Freedom to know act to look at the Broadland Councillers Bank Accounts. We are just the general public but we are far from stupid.