Not an empty seat in the house!

A packed village hall at Salhouse today showed once again that local people are very concerned about Broadland District Council's plans for the locality.

There were gasps of amazement as Google earth maps showed the size of the proposed development. At last the community were being given facts and figures and the flaws in BDC's plans became more obvious as the afternoon progressed.

It was obvious from the number of SNUB membership forms that were returned and the posters taken away by the audience, that the arguments against the proposed development put forward at this event weren't falling on deaf ears. The community are clearly opposed to BDC's proposals and it is about time the Council listened!


  1. A sincere thank you to SNUB for giving us the true facts about this terrible NE Triangle development. Broadland.D.C. should be ashamed of themselves. Hope you are taking this to all the other villages. WELL DONE

  2. We can never thank SNUB enough for giving us such a good meeting at Salhouse yesterday.Our Democracy has certainly died in Broadland. We thought Dictatorship when out in the Forties.
    Keep up the good work to save our beautiful Broadland farmland.

  3. Our thanks to Stephen Heard and his SNUB team for giving us the true facts about the hideous so called Ecotown at Rackheath on Saturday. Hope you are taking this to all the villages affected. When will Broadland Councillors ever listen to the Residents who elected them ?

  4. Great meeting and thanks for giving us ALL THE FACTS. How do we get rid of these wretched Broadland Councillors before they destroy our countryside